Nostaglia Trip: Approval Matrix

I love Avatar. No, not blue Dance with Wolves. I mean the one with the little bald kid and the magic martial arts and the all-around baddassery. Fine, yes, the kids show. But you know what? I’m okay with that. While my friends are discussing the finer points of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, I will unabashedly fanboy all over the finer points of Zuko’s story line and debate you about the superior bending forms.

But I’m not alone. Nostalgia is the Millenial battle-cry. Comic books are made cool by the big screen, I have literally spent nights playing Pokemon with my suitmates, and I can walk into any frat and throwdown for Super Smash Brothers (Zero-Suit Samus, whaddup?).

So to help you navigate the various ways to release your inner child, we at BlogDH have scientifically measured and analyzed the various forms of nostalgia.

(BlogDH) Nostalgia Matrix

Digging for meaning in “Avatar”

For those of you that missed it, the Archaeology Dept. here at Brown hosted a movie night  this past Monday featuring a screening of the blockbuster sci-fi thriller Avatar. Following the movie was a panel of commentators from the department to talk about the controversies and parallels that arose after Avatar hit the theater. How Avatar exactly connects with the study of archaeology is still up for debate… but the movie  was chosen by popular vote! Regardless, read up on what the panelists came up with after the jump. Continue Reading