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Classic cartoon comeback? YES PLEASE! // Nickelodeon

Do you ever wake up in the morning wishing you could be a rider on a mission? Still find yourself whistling the tune to “I Need More Allowance” on the way to class? Have no fear, BuzzFeed recently posted a supposed letter from Nickelodeon, which claims that the network has decided to resume production on classic shows such as Rocket Power, Hey Arnold, Doug and more. This may be too good to be true (we’ll have to wait for an official announcement), but wouldn’t it be relief to see new episodes of classic shows on the formerly cartoon-centric network? New Spongebob episodes come about as frequently as the red tide and only thing cartoonish about Nick’s regular lineup these days is Miranda Cosgrove’s impossibly large smile. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this news is genuine, it’s the only way we’ll be able to forgive the network for All Grown Up. A classical cartoon renaissance would be a triumph for the Nickelodeon Magazine, please generation, which is always looking for more ways to distract itself from vital responsibilities.

Cotton candy machine at the Ratty?

A tipster sent us this image of a cotton candy machine in the Ratty.  While we have no idea why they had this, it is absolutely awesome.  If anyone knows why it was there, or if it is going to be a regular thing, please share your knowledge in the comments.