PSA: We’re officially in the future


As I’m sure you’ve heard, today is the day Marty McFly travels to the future in Back To The Future 2. While we don’t have hover boards or Jaws 19we do have Pepsi Future and quite possibly self-lacing sneakers, not to mention the Cubs are in the National League Championship Series.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the momentous day, you could absolutely attend “Welcome Back To The Future,” in which, “we’ll be meeting in (College) Hill Valley, right in front of the old clock tower (Wilson Hall), where their flux-capacitored DeLorean is scheduled to arrive at approximately 04:29PM.” Granted, the organizers of this event won’t actually be able to recreate the scene from Back To The Future, but maybe they won’t need to if Marty McFly himself shows up.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a Blogify playlist where all of our songs titles are years so that you can travel in time, even if you’re camped at the Rock.

In case you’re worried that the entire BTTF trilogy takes place in the past, let Doc and Marty fill you with nostalgia:

In case you’re worried about where child-stars end up or the future of hat fashion, Elijah Wood has some good news:

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Blogify: Back to the Future


Great Scott! For those of you who haven’t checked your calendar, today is October, 21, 2015 — today is the day that Marty McFly visits the future! To channel our inner sense of time traveling adventure, we’ve compiled a playlist with songs that quite literally travel through the years. Take a moment to think about the fact that after 4:29 p.m. today, all of Back to the Future will be in the past. UGH.

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: “Back to the Future” double feature


We’ve been waiting for this day to come. Hop off the struggle bus and on to the Delorean for tonight’s stress-relieving double feature of “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future 2”! The event is sponsored and hosted by the Google Student Ambassadors and the Stephen Roberts ’62 Campus Center (Ed.-Did you seriously just call it the Stephen Roberts ’62 Campus Center?) and will be held in the Leung Gallery from 7-11 p.m. Be sure to stop by for free drinks, popcorn, and trivia! According to the Morning Mail announcement, “tons of Google and Back to the Future giveaways and prizes” will be distributed. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t not-so-secretly hoping that the free swag were these Marty McFly kicks. Come watch the first two films from this killer trilogy.

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