8 things you’re anticipating this Fall if you went abroad in the Spring


For many Brown students, going abroad is a defining characteristic of junior year, and the majority of these adventure-seekers do so for the fall semester. However, there are a number of us who, for whatever reason, decide to go abroad in the spring. Perhaps it’s a desire to do something after it’s considered “cool” (definitely not) or because of a concentration requirement (probably), but these students are out there. We are two of them.

While the thought of returning to Brown after a semester and a summer is unbelievably exciting, there are a bunch of things that we’ll have to anticipate upon our return. Here are a few of them:

1. Explaining to everyone that you were actually gone last semester and not simply a hermit in Providence. 

You know those people who you met during your first week at Brown or during freshman year that you don’t really know, but still feel obligated to say hi to regardless? Well, those people probably have no idea that you were gone last spring — in fact, they might even think you’ve been avoiding their eye contact around campus. This results in a burning need to tell these folks that you were abroad, followed by the clear understanding that they don’t really care. This makes the return to campus social life a little more awkward than anticipated, because after you say you were abroad and they say their semester went well, there isn’t much more to discuss. But at least they don’t think you were a hermit.

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