Bad news (for) bears


Winners, Bad News Bears and a Lengthy Women’s Hockey Digression

Lots of winners this week. Why? I can think of three possible reasons: as an apology for taking several weeks off (I blame midterms), because I’m a nice guy, or, just maybe, because a lot of teams did well. I say it’s all three.

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Winners and Bad News Bears, sort of

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry always breaks even? Yeah, this was that week for Brown sports. See for yourself below if you don’t believe me. Hence, there are no Winners and no Bad News Bears this week. There is only a vague sliding scale of quality that exists only in my head. Deal with it.

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Winners and Bad News Bears

It was a busy weekend for Bruno as the competition kicked into full swing in the past week for several teams. Here’s the quick rundown of results.

Men’s soccer: 2-0-1 overall. The Bears tied Lehigh in their first game and beat SMU and Adelphi at home over the weekend.

Men’s water polo: 5-2 overall. The Princeton Invitational was a big success for Bruno, with Ws in three out of four games.

Field hockey: 2-2 overall. The team started off with two losses but swept this weekend against Monmouth and Bryant.

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