(Weird) crime@Brown, part 3: Larceny edition

Curious about the photo?

Though we’ve taken a break since our last “informational” report on the crime scene at Brown, crime has kept on coming in vast waves… kind of like hurricane Superstorm Sandy (Cohen). Time to catch up, Brunonians!

12 December ’11, 8:09 a.m.:  This Shit is Bananas… literally

This is a personal favorite of ours—the assistant director of the Creative Arts Center said that persons unknown entered the building and a stole a banana-shaped pillow that was part of Brown student’s art project. She sent out an e-mail to the building staff asking if anyone had seen said pillow, but no one was able to provide any information. We have concluded that this must be a crime of vengeance from the Fruit of the Loom gang. If not, we simply don’t understand the rationale behind this.

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Effective On-Campus Advertising: Prioritizing your posters

Hands down our favorite poster everJust imagine: You’ve been planning this event for months. After filling out your Space Request Form, securing a performer or speaker, confirming the other nitty-gritty details for your event, and organizing a motley crew of volunteers, you’re finally ready to take the Upspace, the Underground, Upper Salomon and the like by storm. Now is the time to poster. Now is the time to spam. Now is the time to rally your team and plaster Brown’s hottest walls with gorgeous posters (…but remember to stay within the confines of Brown’s Postering and Publicity Policy). But since color printing costs just slightly less than a dinner at Al Forno, you’ll want to make these copies count. You’ll want to attract as many students as possible from all different walks of campus life. Here’s where to get the most bang for your buck (and to appeal to diverse sea of students) with just 5 of them ($1.25 for 8.5″x11″; $4.50 for 11″x17″/12″x18″):

  1. Faunce Arch: Notice how the posters on the Arch’s west wall are meticulously taped up with crisp, red tape. Thanks to Brown Student Agencies, this beautiful wall exists. Drop off your posters at the Campus Center Information Desk, and they will do the rest for you. Seriously – this collage of student ambition is Instagram material.
  2. The Doors of the Ratty: Everybody walks through these at some point during the week. The V-Dub unfortunately still hasn’t added weekend hours to its schedule, so the Sharpe Refectory is still the place to be seen and heard on weekend mornings – even for a poster. Get your graphics on the doors and catch eyes when they’re hungry. Continue Reading

Our Pic(k)s: The week of “Shit Brown Students Say”

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