Prepaid Kard Slams on the Fees

Kardashian Kard Komplete with Kleavage // Mastercard

Hollywood’s most notorious trio of talentless sisters is up to no good. They’ve graduated from ruining the already base artforms of reality television and DIY porn to wrecking your bank account. In her Slate article, writer Annie Lowrey addresses the Kardashian sisters’ new role as spokeswomen for Master Card’s prepaid debit cards, specifically the well-endowed and nicely photoshopped Kardashian Kard. The fee-heavy prepaid card, which is targeted at teenage girls, hides charges all over the place: after a $10 per-month rate, the user will be smacked with $1.50 for withdrawals and customer service, $1 to check balance, $9.95 for a replacement card and $6 to cancel. The whole appeal of a prepaid debit card is that it provides young adults a simple, cheap way to manage small amounts of money without the complications of the bank–this is obviously an illusion, as many banks provide free checking (or accounts with substantially lower/fewer fees). Lowrey notes that the prepaid debit card business is booming, and getting the Kardashians to offer their endorsement is just going to keep the fire burning by shamelessly selling the prepaid debit card to tomorrow’s consumers.

The lesson here is quite clear: don’t get lured in by the easiness of a prepaid debit card, or you will be wasting money–it’s a simple fact, as simple as the fact that Sinbad, arguably the worst comedian of all time, has more talent in his pinky than the entire Kardashian family. If you keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, you’ll stick with banks. For instance, Bank of America, now with a new ATM under the Blue Room in addition to two ATMs in the bookstore, offers free student checking.