New Semester Brings a Trio of Changes to Thayer

A new semester means new friends, new classes, and, sadly, a reminder of the harsh reality of capitalism. Some businesses, no matter how close they may be to our hearts, must fail. Our winter break has given us three changes to the Thayer street food scene, all of which will have to prove their worth to Brown students in the near future:

To almost no one’s many students’ complete lack of surprise, Toledo (or its brief successor Thayer Pita Pockets) has closed its doors. Though I only once got to enjoy one of their infamous “pizza cones” – albeit in their brief second life as “pita pockets” – Thayer street will surely miss this unique delicacy and I will miss the classic challenge of preventing cheese from oozing out the bottom of the cone. Indeed, it’s tough being the 3rd pizza restaurant in a 2-pizzeria market. Expect (only slightly) longer lines at Antonio’s and Nice Slice. Continue Reading