Study break of the day: December 14, 2011

What’s better than an afternoon espresso break to get you through that 25 page paper you need to write on the sociological significance of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable video? Well dressed children in skinny jeans making your espresso for you!

That’s right, some parents out there probably from Brooklyn thought it would be a great use of their time to teach their two seven-year-old kids how to operate that overpriced espresso machine that’s been taking up useful counter space in their beautifully minimalist, designer loft. The result? Ellanie and Ethan, two youngsters I can only assume are the world’s most accomplished baristas still in the first grade. Set the whole thing to a Postal-Service-like soundtrack and you have viral video gold.

Now if only someone could teach them how to make me a half-caf, two-pump, hazelnut soy latte with a shot…

…I’d be in child labor heaven.