12 Days of Flogmas, Day Ten: The SciLi bathroom sitch


A long day of studying is like a long night of drinking, in the sense that you always have to pee. Between the absurd amount of water you’re consuming because you don’t have time to eat and the hourly venti lattes, urination (amongst other forms of bodily excretion) is a must. Since the SciLi is such the go-to prison cramming location, you’d think it would be able to accommodate our relentless bathroom needs. Right? Wrong. VERY, VERY wrong.

I do most of my SciLi work in the basement, which fits more people than any other floor. It also happens to have the worst bathroom situation—not only on campus, but perhaps in the world. Let me spell it out for you: there’s one female bathroom and one male bathroom (problem #1 arises: gender neutral, where are yoooouuuu?!). The bathrooms contain a sink and a single stall, in which is a single toilet.

So it appears that the SciLi basement bathroom is single-use, assuming that only one person is using the toilet at a time. Hold up… you’re catering to a room with an occupancy of 336. Only one person per gender can go to the bathroom at a time? If you’re going to make it so exclusive, you might as well put a lock on the bathroom door and call it a day. Enough with the false hope of a swinging door. If you’re only going to present us with one stall in a faux-multiperson restroom, at least make the rest of the bathroom large enough to fit the four people always waiting in line. I’m done with being slammed by a swinging door that shouldn’t even have the ability to swing.  Continue Reading

Sh*t hits the fan: Another Keeney exclusive

It’s official. We all knew the time would come. We were awaiting this day with bated breath. And now it’s finally here. Bathrooms in Keeney are gendered.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.54.01 PM

The new gendered bathroom signs in Keeney.

This issue is divisive among Keeneyites, and while some units have let the new signs be, other floors decided enough was enough, as dissenters whipped out their Sharpies and lined paper and took matters into their own hands.

Brown students are known for their self-expression and creativity, and these vandalized signs don’t disappoint. So, without further ado…

The new (and for some, improved) Keeney signage…

bathroom sign #1bathroom #2bathrooms 3 and 4

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Bathroom Battles: Best and worst toilets on campus

Welcome to four years of single ply.

It’s time to decide what really matters: bathrooms. You might spend most of your time in dorms or dining halls, but bathrooms are where college memories are made. So break out the triple-ply and spray a cloud of Febreze; the BlogDH is finding the most luxurious—and loathsome—lavatories on campus.

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Writing on the Stall: Vol. 3

Level A, Rock

Level 2, Rock

This week, we are returning to the A floor of the Rock to the same stall we looked at last week.  From there, we’ll progress up two floors to Level 2.

Around a jotting that may look familiar from two weeks ago are two new additions. Both have a decidedly political leaning. “Industrial civilization is incompatible with a healthy planet” seems to be a comment on environmental issues, and “Don’t let the man hold you down. Keep writing!” is a rallying cry to potential graffiti-ists. It references the ongoing interactions between students and Facilities employees, where the stalls undergo a reoccurring cycle of graffiti-ing and whitewashing. The traces of this cycle remain around the starkly blue-penned slogan—faded, partially legible jottings emerging out of and fading into the white paint. This graffiti indicates the importance ascribed (literally) to this forum by some of Brown’s women, but it is significant that it is “the man” keeping us down. This is a common turn of phrase to be sure, but one that points to larger cultural structures where women remain in an inferior position is defined by their non-male status, despite a seeming equality because of our right to vote, laws to prevent employment discrimination, and so on. And maybe we should ask, who is the man? After all, he is not the female employees at Facilities who actually do the whitewashing. Continue Reading

Rate campus bathrooms

Students at WashU have created a new website that reviews bathrooms on their campus. Not only is this funny, but it’s also not a bad idea. The ladies bathroom in the FriSc is desperately waiting to be ranked close to zero, and the ambiance created by the wall-writings (or lack-there-of this year) on the Rock bathroom stalls could also use a nod. So, Brown students, who’s on it?