BlogDH Goes Abroad: Sampling the SuperBurger

2014-11-09 11.41.25

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… another McDonald’s promotional product!

Fresh on the heels of their superhumanly nasty BatBurger, the McDonald’s restaurants of Hong Kong are continuing their Justice League-themed food items with the Superman Honey Mustard Chicken Burger! While it seems unlikely that the Man of Steel would choose to consume a lean white meat like chicken over more substantial red meats like beef and pork, we nonetheless sent our Hong Kong correspondent (Ed. – This is a thing now) to try the sandwich and, just like mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, get the inside scoop.

The “SuperBurger” (not quite as clever as the BatBurger, but still) can be purchased individually or with a meal that includes a bubblegum-flavored McFloat and “potato cheese balls” side. The options will run you HK $20 or $34, respectively (US $2.58/$4.39). Just like the Bat-meal, the meal comes in colorful boxes decorated with the Superman logo. Continue Reading