The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 4

Don’t go to the foam party. Just don’t.

In college, you encounter lots of parties. Some of them involve getting dirty with paint or highlighters; most of them involve getting dirty (use your imagination). The Spring Weekend foam party is dirty in both senses of the word. While it might be fun to let your friends draw all over you in fluorescent yellow, grinding in a lukewarm bubble bath full of germs probably will not be — and even if you think it is, you won’t be having so much fun when you discover that you’ve contracted a mysterious illness the next morning. Which is Binder morning. Which is unacceptable.

The Spring Week gods caught on this year: they cancelled the Foam Party.
… and another Spring Week tradition bites the dust.

The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 3


Follow this guy

Starting Thursday (or Monday with all the ADOCH pre-frosh), prepare to see the campus swarmed with crowds of exhilarated students, all walking from one event to the other, between the stages on Main Green, Lincoln Field and Wriston Quad. Your sole mission if you choose to accept it is to follow the largest crowd you can find. Whether you end up at the foam party, a 4:20 a.m. get-together, or an off-campus house party with one of the Spring Weekend artists, you can never go wrong. And if your crowd/friends aren’t up for fun, either 1) convince them that no one actually works during Spring Weekend, 2) give them a call from the slip ‘n’ slide and tell them to get there ASAP, or 3) FIND BETTER FRIENDS. Trust us, this is what Spring Weekend is all about.

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The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 2

Why is Spring Weekend different from all other weekends? During all other weekends, we eat drunkenly at Jo’s. But during Spring Weekend, we eat drunkenly at the Ratty.

Spring Week undoubtedly kicks every other week’s ass; the carefree day drinking and dartying that takes place outside in the (fingers crossed) beautiful April weather is unparalleled. But with this comes one caveat: you’ll need to properly refuel so you can rally all day (and all night) long… and so you don’t wake up in your vom.

For this, we have the Ratty. Centrally located on campus and conveniently open from 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., the Sharpe Refectory will sustain your debauchery and ensure your survival during Spring Week. Take a quick break from chilling on Wriston to say a heartfelt “hiii” to Gail and bask in the Ratty’s glory (and carbohydrates). Reboot, recharge and rally so you can avoid actually booting; keep doing you. Your body will thank you, and your Spring Week will be all the more unforgettable.

The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol. 1

“Spring Weekend, though, isn’t really about the concerts; it’s more about the concept of having an entire weekend devoted to self-indulgence in whatever way you please.” — Annabel Bower ‘97

The concerts are great, but Spring Week is bigger than the main stage. It’s a time to shelve your stresses, put on your party hat and indulge in some memory-making. It’s a time to stop taking everything too seriously and to regress to a state of simple happiness accompanied by bad beer, good music and some conveniently located PortaPotties. If none of this is your thing, take the weekend to do something else that makes you happy. You do you.