(Campus)Lifehacker: Auditing classes

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With a week and a half of shopping period done, you’ve probably figured out your classes… at least for the most part. However, you may have found yourself with a dilemma: What do you do if there’s a fifth class you really want to take, but just don’t have the time for? Consider auditing it!

The requirements for an audit are at a professor’s discretion, but for most courses, auditing consists of coming to all the lectures but not doing the homework or taking exams. You won’t get course credit towards graduation or concentration requirements, but the class will show up on your external transcript as an ‘Audit’ in order to acknowledge the time you devoted to the course. You’ll also have access to the course’s Canvas page, in case you want to check out the readings.

If you’re interested in auditing a class, talk to the professor to find out what they require of auditors. Don’t be afraid that the professor will think you’re lazy — on the contrary, most professors are pretty impressed that you are willing to show up every day even though you’re not getting a real course credit. If you proceed into the semester with five (or four) courses and then find yourself overwhelmed, rather than dropping a course, consider the possibility of changing your registration from credit to an audit. The deadline for switching to an audit is March 7.

Auditing can be a great way to get the most out of the courses Brown has to offer without overwhelming yourself. I am currently taking four courses and auditing a fifth, something I’ve done for the past five semesters. Without a doubt, several of my audits have been among the most educational class experiences I’ve had at Brown. You should definitely think about taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

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Dollar slices are back at Antonio’s on Thursdays!

This costed $2.

This was $2.

Over the summer, I heard the news that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night dollar slices were no more at Antonio’s. So imagine my surprise when I went there and — along with everyone else — was offered dollar cheese slices, and told they have returned on Thursday nights.

As Herald Design Editor Brisa Bodell ’15 put it, “It tastes better when it’s only a dollar.”

Alas, though cheese slices will still be available at the front of the counter on Fridays and Saturdays, they will still be $2.

Spicy With? Make that Spicy Kielbasa. Plus: “Welcome to Rhode Island” special at Jo’s tomorrow!


The quesadilla line at Jo's is now open on Fridays.

If you, like us, spend entirely way too much time at Jo’s, you’ve probably noticed a few changes this semester.

In the grill line, you may have seen the kielbasa (Polish sausage), which has been “hugely popular,” wrote Sean DeBobes, assistant manager for retail operations at Jo’s, in an email to BlogDH. Coming soon is its twin: the spicy kielbasa.

“We also added a bunch of sauces to help jazz up the grill,” he wrote. “Sriracha mayo, roasted garlic whole-grain mustard, hot pepper relish, sweet fruit chutney, kraut and bourbon sauce. Our customers are really enjoying these and so am I.”

Though there’s no substitute for exploring Providence and Rhode Island, Dining Services will try to bring a taste of the Ocean State to Jo’s. Tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 5), Jo’s will have its annual “Welcome to Rhode Island” special. Sean explained the event to us: Continue Reading