Beyond Beyond the Bottle: Brown Loves Vegans!

This past week PETA released it’s Top 10 Most Vegan Friendly Colleges list and guess who made it onto the top 5? Ra Ra Brunonia at number 4 in the Small U.S. Schools category! According to PETA, the vegan population on campus has a lot to be happy about. They give shout outs to the jamaican jerk tempeh and the vegan nuggets, a personal fave. I know passionate chicken finger friday loyals may be hesitant, but these sesame covered nugs are worth a try – even PETA thinks so! They also mention our unveiling of a “range of new vegan baked goods, including vegan  pumpkin cheesecake and brownies.” Calling all carnivores – don’t be afraid to dig in to the vegan treats Brown Dining has to offer! And to all the vegans out there, the best news about PETA’s list may (hopefully) be that it’ll encourage BuDS to keep adding more tasty vegan options to the menu!

The list was created by reviewing PETA’s independent assessments on the quality and quantity of vegan cuisine available on each campus, combined with student votes. So who came in first? UC Santa Cruz topped the large schools list and Northwestern randomly got the top spot for small schools. Brown was preceded by Brandeis at #2 and Georgetown snagged the #3 spot. Our artsy neighbors at RISD received an honorable mention, with particularly good reviews on their food truck. Continue Reading