Blog Goes Abroad: Oktoberfest


You might have noticed some photos like the above clogging your newsfeed this week. For all those juniors on-campus who feel confused (and annoyed) about Oktoberfest, we’re republishing an old post that puts the #abroad drinking fest in Brown terms.  Two blog writers attended the event in Munich, Germany a few years ago, and in a beer-induced nostalgia for Brown, they compared the infamous event to aspects of Brown’s social scene, including the Whiskey Republic, a frat basement party, and Spring Weekend’s Dave Binder concert.  

The differences between Oktoberfest and the three aforementioned Brown social venues are obvious—Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Germany in tents that hold up to 10,000 people. However, you may be surprised to learn just how many “comforts” of home we found in such a foreign landscape of debauchery.  Among the lederhosen and drindls, we literally stumbled upon the same infamous characters and qualities that are quintessential to the Brown party scene:

1. Oktoberfest vs. Whisko

  • Aggressive bouncers: Count your lucky stars that Whiskey’s bouncers aren’t German-speaking, whistle-wielding body builders from hell. These guys were literally employed by Satan himself. Who thought we’d miss the sassy Whisko guards that we’ve all come to know and hate/love?
  • Bathroom stampede: We all know that the girls’ bathroom at Whiskey is always a shit-show. Well, that has NOTHING on the corralling of females taking place behind the scenes at Oktoberfest. We use the word “corralling” intentionally: the stalls were literally in a barn off the tent and we were but helpless cattle. If you weren’t careful, you could be dragged out of a sneaky back door under the false promise that there were “extra stalls” outside. Once outside, you became crudely aware of the fact that there was no getting back in. Let’s just say that only the most dire bladder pains would tempt us into that bathroom. Oh to be back in the toilet-paper-strewn, overcrowded restroom of the Whiskey Republic.

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PollerBears: What part of the 250th Fall Celebration are you most excited for?


This weekend, the University has planned a series of events to continue the celebration of its 250th birthday. Football and fireworks and Binder, oh my! What part of the Fall celebration are you most excited about?!

What part of the 250th Fall Celebration are you most excited for?

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Nominate candidates for this year’s Honorary Degrees!


As you may know, a few lucky individuals receive honorary degrees from Brown University at our Commencement ceremony each May. Past winners have ranged from Thomas Jefferson, to Nelson Mandela, to our very own Ruth Simmons. Needless to say, it would be an honor to join the ranks of these successful and talented people who have been recognized by the University for their excellence.

And now, Brunonia, it’s your turn to take matters into your hands. The Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees invites you to share who you believe deserve this year’s degrees. According to the Committee, they “hope to identify individuals who have achieved unquestioned distinction in some field, especially an academic field, or whose contributions to the public good and human welfare are of sufficient magnitude to warrant recognition.  Individuals whose accomplishments are local or regional, as well as those of international renown, also are of interest to the Committee.”

Letters of nomination “should explain why Brown would wish to honor that individual at this time.  Initial letters of recommendation may be brief, but ultimately additional background information on the nominee in the form of a resume, curriculum vitae, or narrative will be important to consider.” These and any other related materials should be sent to the Committee on Honorary Degrees, c/o Ms. Cheryl Moreau, Office of Faculty Governance, Box 1830, 402 University Hall no later than September 22, 2014.

Let your voices be heard! Personally, we still have our sights set on seeing one Dave Binder take home a diploma…

12 Days of Spring Weekend: A very important message from Dave Binder

Dave Binder is a Brunonian legend and a good friend of BlogDailyHerald. Coming on his 28th year performing during Brown’s Spring Weekend festivities, he’s practically royalty. So when we touched base with him and asked if there was anything he wanted to share with the very Brown students who will be bowing at his feet on Sunday afternoon, he told us to relay this exclusive and important message to you all.

Happy Spring Week! Trust the process, and you’ll be sure to have the time of your life.


(To newbies/freshmen: read up on Dave Binder here.)

12 Days of Spring Weekend: Prepare yourselves for What Cheer? Brigade


The headliners of Spring Weekend get a lot of attention. Diplo is cool and all, but there are those who have been by our side for years on this weekend, and they deserve to be appreciated. No—sorry for the confusion, but we are not talking about Binder. We’re talking about What Cheer? Brigade, who will be returning this year to play early Friday evening on Spring Weekend. Check out their music here.

What Cheer? is a Providence-based 19-piece brass band—in their words, they “require no amplification, proving that great parties need no electricity.” THEY’RE ECO-FRIENDLY! What Cheer? is also the only act to not take the stage. Instead, they gather around Sayles Hall in a blob, and the audience surrounds them. Their sound is really high energy, so be prepared to break a sweat jumping up and getting down. (And breaking a sweat is probably just what we need considering the unclear weather forecast for April 11th.)

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Were you up at 7:28 this morning? Punxsutawney Phil was.

The legendary “Punxsutawney Phil” went above and beyond his call of duty this Groundhog Day. The “King of the Groundhogs” was summoned from his wooden house this morning before to foretell spring’s arrival. The little guy didn’t see his shadow, which means spring is right around the corner!

What this does this mean for us? Well, if you believe Pennsylvanian German folklore and your elementary school teachers, you can count on spending a lot of time outside on the Main Green, shedding that extra layer when you go out at night, and—cross your fingers, knock on wood—enjoying a beautiful Spring Weekend.

In the meantime, when you’re braving the cold and bundling up to walk from Wriston to Pembroke for your 9 a.m. class, tough it out: remember that this “Weather Prophet” didn’t see his shadow, Binder is coming soon, and another “Weather Prophet” went commando at the White House.