Techaccino Tuesdays: The smartphone wars

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When last semester’s Herald poll came out, it came as no surprise that nearly two thirds of Brown students own either an iPhone, Android or Blackberry device. Touchscreen phones nowadays are as ubiquitous as boomboxes in the ’80s, CD Walkmans in the ’90s, or iPods in the ’00s: everyone either already has one or wants one.

What’s slightly more surprising, though, is the proportion of each of these brands on campus — out of those two thirds with smartphones, over half have iPhones, while Android and Blackberry users are split even. In the US, according to data from comScore, almost half of smartphone users have Android devices, while iPhone users have about 30 percent of the market, and Blackberry 16 percent.

So, what’s the deal here? Are iPhones simply better for life on campus? Are Android users ahead of the curve? Are Blackberrys on their way out? In honor of awards season, let’s meet the nominees in the our first ever BEST PHONE FOR COLLEGE HILL competition. Continue Reading

iCan’t Wait for the iPhone 4S: Parting with your CrackBerry

Hi, I’m Meredith (cue the collective “Hiii, Meredith”) and I’ve been a CrackBerry addict BlackBerry user since 2007. Throughout the past five years, my loyalty to RIM and the BlackBerry has been unwavering. However, within the past year, I’ve lost one phone to a torrential downpour, one to the hot tub and one to unknown causes.  I finally caved—it was time to upgrade to the token Cool Mom of all phones: the iPhone 4 (yes, I missed the boat on the iPhone 4S). Continue Reading