Blind Bears: S and E’s Blind Date


S was looking for someone well-dressed, kind, and engaging. E fit the bill on all fronts. Confident that these two would have lots to talk about and dress to impress, we sent them on a tea date early one Sunday morning…

“I was interested to see how BlogDH was going to set me up with someone, out of curiosity.” -S

S: I actually didn’t sign myself up, my roommate signed me up because I signed her up. So it was just kind of a funny thing that we decided to do. I saw the description she wrote about me, and I thought it was pretty funny 

E: A friend of mine was filling [the form] out for herself and decided that I should do it too. So she filled out the profile, and I approved it. 

“It seemed kind of like the same as going in for, but not quite as bad as, a job interview, which I’m very used to. Not that I was trying to sell my chemistry skills or anything.”-E

S: I knew who the person was by name, but there are like 5-10 “E”’s on Facebook so I wasn’t entirely sure who the person was. I kind of just had zero expectations. I woke up; it was a Sunday morning, I was tired from the previous night, so I kind of just went.

E: Worst comes to worst I come out with a new friend. I’d never done something like this before which I feel is pretty common among the Brown community. So in that way I had no idea [what to expect], but I have no issue meeting new people. So it was kind of fun.

“I’ve been at Brown for 3 years. I should’ve at least seen everyone… but that’s not the case.”-S 

S: He was cute. Cuter than I expected. I think that would be a more appropriate description.. I’ve never seen him before at all or that I remember. 

E: My first impressions of her were [that she was] confident, put together, and worldly. 

S: We started talking about mutual friends, and why we signed up for the blind date thing. We discovered that we didn’t have many mutual friends. We also talked about what led us to [this date]. Something he said that was kind of interesting was that we’d matched on Tinder before, but I had no idea that we did. He was like, “this isn’t really a blind date because of Tinder.” We talked about mutual interests and things that we like to do. Potential life goals and after Brown. 

E: [We talked about] a bunch of the standard stuff: “What are you studying?” “How did you spend your break?” How we were both going to sell our souls into either finance or industry and what the morals of that were. And Tinder.

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M and J’s blind date


M, an international relations concentrator, was on the hunt for a true intellectual. J, a self-described “born entrepreneur,” is an international traveler. We figured they’d enjoy each other’s company and have plenty to talk about (we were right), so we set them up on a Tealuxe date…

“Brown can feel pretty small.” -J

M: A few of my friends signed up together. Is the phrase “do something every day that scares you” too cliché? Because that’s why I felt like doing this. That’s what got me out of bed that morning.

J: I wanted to meet someone new on campus. Meeting someone outside of normal friend groups can be difficult. I also like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. The whole blind date thing was a first for me, and definitely pushed my boundaries.

“It was truly a blind date, someone I hadn’t had in any of my classes.” -M

J: I didn’t have any expectations. I was excited to meet someone new, and was planning on going with the flow.

M: I didn’t expect much. I was really hoping he wouldn’t be someone I knew before, and I was really surprised when I had actually never see [him] in my life. It was great.

J: She was super outgoing. We had both lost our Blind Bears name tags, so finding each other was interesting.

M: He’s nice-looking and also a nice person, and I was still so happy that I had never seen him before. I thought he must be an upperclassman; he just had that look.

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Blind Bears: O and N’s Blind Date

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.59.52 PM

O’s and N’s bios had fun written all over them. These two extroverts were looking for a good sense of humor, positive vibes, and someone who enjoys dancing. If this gal and guy were emojified, they would definitely be the red-dress-clad flamenco dancer and the party popper emoji respectively. While we would have loved to send them to salsa lessons or a rave, we settled for coffee at Blue State.

“I figured I have nothing to lose.” -O

O: “My friend was extremely enthusiastic about signing up for Blind Bears, and passed that enthusiasm onto me… I’ve never been on a blind date before, and since I’m being matched with someone at Brown, they must be relatively similarly minded to me. So, I told myself to just do it!”

N: “I wanted to see how well it worked! And for the experience, since I’ve never gone on a blind date before. And I love meeting people, so it just sounded fun.”

O: “Honestly, I went in not expecting much. I saw two outcomes out of the situation — either I really hit it off with some guy on a blind date and it could lead to something, or I gain a new friend at Brown.”

N: “I wasn’t sure what to expect — I was torn between believing you guys would do dreadfully and it would be really awkward, and believing you guys were gonna kill it and it would be an awesome fit.”

“We talked like old friends from the get-go.” -N

O: “I could tell he was really nervous… a) because his forehead had a bead of sweat and b) because he was anxiously looking around Blue State trying to find me. Thankfully he took the [Blind Bears] name tag off immediately after sitting down, and we had an awesome conversation!”

N: “[My first impression was] definitely very positive. She seemed very talkative and nice and put me completely at ease immediately.”

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Blind Bears: J and M’s Blind Date

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.59.52 PM

M and J both gave BlogDH simple, straight-to-the-point bios as part of their Blind Bears submissions. From the information available, it was clear that the two shared a love of, and desire to, travel. With little to go on besides this one commonality and a very strong gut reaction on our part, we sent the duo on a coffee date one Friday afternoon…

“I love going on dates. I’m pretty good at it. I have a fun time.” -J

J: I am semi-newly single, and it’s really fun to be single here, but all my friends at every other school across the country go on dates… This seemed like a good opportunity to do it.

M: My friend motivated me to do this…slash did it for me. I basically just did it to do something outside of my comfort zone.

“I was expecting something painfully awkward.” -M

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Blind Bears: S and J’s Blind Date

blind bears

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about this little endeavor, did you?

Given the unexpected amount of time it takes to match up 150 of Brown’s finest single guys and gals, the inaugural Blind Bears date was only this past weekend – and it didn’t disappoint. J and S (who prefer to remain anonymous) seemed like a stellar match on paper. They’re both loyal, happy guys, and can be occasionally “sassy.”  S, who’s self-described as social but sometimes shy, was looking for someone “energetic, charismatic, and easy to talk to.” J fit the bill. The two had coffee together at Blue State last Sunday.

“I didn’t really have any expectations. I was just hoping to get to know somebody new…” -J

J: It’s been hard as a transfer. I knew if anything, [my date] would end up being a friendly face on campus.  I went in open-minded and excited. Continue Reading

Blind Bears Update


Due to the incredible number of Blind Bears submissions we’ve received over the past week, we believe it is in our best interest to close the submission form. We’re trying our hardest to match up everyone who has put themselves out there, and we worry that with too many submissions, we won’t be able to do so. You will have until Sunday evening to apply for a blind date, and then the submission form will be closed to the public.

For those of you who have already signed up – bear with us (hardy har har)! We’re looking for the best matches possible, so it’s a bit of a lengthy process. We appreciate your patience.

Lastly, if you discover that your friend submitted you for a blind date but you’re not actually interested, please email blogdhblindbears(at) to let us know!

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