BlogDH Presents: the season premiere of BlogBabies

BlogBabies (noun): what we lovingly call our newest Blog staff writers. You’ve definitely seen some new bylines in the past two weeks, but who are these talented fresh-out-of-the-womb writers? Without without further ado, we’d like to formally introduce you to the cast of this season’s BlogBabies!


Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19 is a self-proclaimed attention addict who will keep talking no matter where the conversation is headed. Despite being “loud as hell,” he’s really bad at sarcasm, yet will keep you on your toes by throwing in white lies (just as a test). A potential biology concentrator from North Carolina, Kelly spends his go-to down time jamming to Kidz Bop (Vol. 24 of course) and watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is most surprised by Brown’s very real sports program, and you may find him chowing down on some Jo’s quesadillas while enjoying lavender incense, a “super chill” color with a “wild side,” possibly reminiscent of himself?

– Adrian Grant-Alfieri ’18


Meghan Friedmann ’17 might hail from total suburbia in Reading, Massachusetts, but she’s really more of the jet-setter type. This junior from the land of the Celtics spent her spring in the land of the original Celts, studying abroad in Dublin last semester. Now back at Brunonia, Meghan is glad to finally have the time in her schedule to settle down with us Bloginistas. Outside of the realm of prose, Meghan is a poet who was recently published in a Providence-based literary mag; someday, she hopes to publish a collection of poems that people will find thought-provoking. Meghan’s TV character of choice is Lizzie McGuire, in large part because Lizzie is able to articulate her feelings through possibly the most iconic cartoon id of all time. And this ol’ Disney Channel girl also has an affinity for life abroad!

-Joseph Hernandez ’19


All you need to know about Kyra Goldstein ’19 is that her favorite part about her high school diving team was the “lukewarm horse trough” where the divers hung out in between dives.  That, and the fact that if she were to be a TV character, she would by Bill Haverchuck of Freaks and Geeks. I’d never seen the show, but after some research, I wholeheartedly agree that Bill is awesome. Just like Kyra, Bill is a nerd who knows who he is, what he wants, and calls it like he sees it. To add to the nerd stereotype, Kyra loves doing the New York Times crossword puzzle before bed and feels happiest in a good, independently owned bookstore, but interestingly also holds a soft spot for cheesy teen novels.

-Sarah Campbell Tucker ’19

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We have new writers! Meet the BlogBabies of Fall 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the Fall semester – that’s right, it’s the time when the leaves start changing colors, the air gets crisper, and we welcome a brand new set of staff members to BlogDailyHerald.  We have added 11 new writers and 3 new creative team contributors to our squad, making it one of the largest classes of BlogBabies to date. In order to get them acquainted, we asked that they conduct interviews of one another. Read below to learn what makes each of them tick, what their coveted Blue Room muffin is, and of course, their favorite historical figure.


Taylor DeRosa ’16:  Let me introduce you to Taylor DeRosa, or Tazlor DeRosa, the name she wrote down on her SAT (three phone calls with CollegeBoard later and she’s here at Brown!). She hails from New Haven, Connecticut, about which “there’s nothing weird”… that she’s willing to put online, at least. One of Taylor’s many feats is having re-learned how to walk at age twelve. Not to mention being the best football player in all of New England, despite her many concussions. Taylor mostly loves cartoons, although Courage the Cowardly Dog is too scary for her. Her favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo; in fact, she has been Scooby for the past five Halloweens, following the tragic demise of her Mulan costume. Taylor has been through many highs and lows, from a night spent on a bench in JWW to being a proud one-time winner of Settlers of Catan. Here at Brown, Taylor spends her time Poller-Bearing, bringing Thai food to the theater, eating pot stickers in the night, giving life advice to her Meiklebabies, and pretending to be a pancake. Taylor’s favorite historical figure is Napolean, only because she didn’t think the world could handle her face photoshopped onto Jesus.


Hannah Silverman ’16:  If you’ve ever gone to the Blue Room and wondered, “Who is this ravishing woman serving me muffins?” look no further. It was Hannah Silverman, formerly known as the Patron Saint of Accidental Arson (ask her about it). A New York City native, Hannah Silverman excels at many things: photography, navigating public transportation, and doubting things. That said, she only just learned to ride a bicycle, so keep your admiration in check. If asked to name her greatest strength, Hannah might say it’s cooking. Tazlo Taylor DeRosa would say it is Hannah’s uncanny ability to seduce foreign men. At the moment, Hannah is preoccupied by the broken lightbulb in her bathroom, as she fears peeing in the dark. Hannah’s favorite historical figure is Marco Polo not because he is a famed explorer but because he is the namesake of her #1 fav game.

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Meet BlogDailyHerald’s newest staff members

It’s the most wonderful time of the year semester. It’s the time when we sift through dozens of applications and, after a selective process, decide who the snarky bear’s new muses will be. Spring 2014 was a particularly competitive year, and we could not be happier with the results. Not only do we have 3 fabulous new writers, but we also, for the first time, have a full-time creative team and a copywriter. Together, they’ll be taking BlogDailyHerald to previously-unknown heights, and we can’t wait to see what they do. Oh, and did we mention they’re all zombies?

Valdez Shaun of the Dead

When he’s not adding another pair of Warby Parkers to his ever expanding glasses collection, you can count on finding Mark Valdez ’15 — a native Texan (yet mistaken New Yorker) binge watching his TV comedy favorites on Netflix. These include the classic: 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation combo, but make sure not to forget his all time favorite: Saturday Night Live (the show for which he may or may not have camped out 3 days in order to watch live — worth it). On any given day, Mark a.k.a Marky Mark a.k.a Markus can be found huddled behind his Macbook in the Blue Room, writing for the BDH, BlogDailyHerald, or the comedic web series he’s making on his own. If you ever get the chance to pull him away from all the work he has, you’ll be welcomed by a warm smile and an impeccable fashion sense. But watch out, if you make a grammatical mistake on Facebook or “forget” to respond to his text message, his inner wrath will come out in the form of a beautifully worded, grammatically-perfect letter (thanks to all those creative non-fiction classes he’s been taking). If you don’t step on his toes, however, plan on seeing that literary charm grace the webpage of BlogDailyHerald as he writes about all things entertainment.

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