Review Haikus: Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’

the circle of life

Although we will always remember Drake for his ability to rock the wheelchair in his role as Jimmy on Degrassi, we simply can’t deny that the man has taken over the hip-hop industry. Following Kanye’s Yeezus and HOVA’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail as one of the most anticipated albums in its genre for this year, Drake’s Nothing Was the Same is creepin’ and crawlin’ to the top of the charts after its release on the 24th. Prior to the album drop last week, Drake released four singles, “Started from the Bottom“, which you’ve definitely never heard before, along with three others: “Hold On, We’re Going Home“, “All Me“, and “Wu-Tang Forever“.

Let’s not digress from what may be the most iconic thing about the album itself: the cover art. The album has two different covers, and the rare CD-purchasing fans can pick up either cover in stores. One cover depicts Drake as a toddler, sporting an impressively large afro for someone his age with a comb protruding from it. The other cover, featured on the deluxe edition, shows Drake as an adult bereft of clothing but adorned with a gold chain, le duh. They’re both custom-made oil paintings created for and inspired by Drizzy.

Without further ado, BlogDH presents (trumpets, please): Nothing Was the Same by Drake in haikus. Because there’s obviously no better way to review an album than by writing a haiku about each track. Check them out after the jump.

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BlogDailyHaikus, Vol. 1: Finals period begins

Because nothing screams “relaxation” like cherry blossoms and Helvetica, we’ve decided to share our finals period catharsis with you in Haiku form.

Must wake up early
Concrete jungle, stacks on stacks
We rinse and repeat

The creatures emerge
Converse with librarians
It is Pizza Nite

Starbucks or Blue State?
Or 7 a.m. Ratty?
There’s no way, Jose