Blogify: (250+) Days of Summer


While most of us are excited to get back to Brown, many of us are wary of getting back to “University.” Fear no more: this summer playlist will extend your vacation till the first leaf (or snowflake) falls. Whether you’re writing an essay, putting the finishing touches on your dorm decor, or dreading the first hint of cold weather, we’ve got you covered from Azealia to Zedd. Now put on some sunscreen and finish up that paper.

Blogify (Orientation Edition): Your first pre-game at Brown

michelle obama turnip

As part of BlogDH’s continuing Orientation coverage, this week’s Blogify goes out to the Class of 2019, many of whom will be experiencing their first college pre-games and parties this weekend. For the novice pre-game host, this playlist has everything you need: more low-key turn-up tunes to start, increasingly energetic dance songs to pump up your guests, bombastic jams to give your pre-game that extra kick right before the main event, and some old-school classics for the few die-hard dancers that won’t leave decide to stick around a bit longer than the rest.

With that, BlogDH wishes the Class of 2019 a happy Orientation–and an even happier first weekend on College Hill! (And, as always, please make good choices!!!)

BlogDailyHerald does not condone illegal drinking; this article is written under the assumption that its readers will behave in accordance with the law.

Blogify: Finals

Last year we made a playlist of 140 songs to help us through finals period. If you, like us, have exhausted that playlist and are in need of some new musical inspiration, you’re in luck. Here are 51 new songs to get you through the final push.

Blogify: 20th Century Spring Weekend

In two days, the entire campus will transform for the 55th installment of one of Brown’s greatest traditions. Spring Weekend is definitely about tanks, sunshine (hopefully), and music, but it’s also about history. Since 1960, Brown has hosted some of the most significant musicians in the industry. Such formative headliners include Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, Ike & Tina Turner, Bob Marley &The Wailers…

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.05.56 PM

BlogDH presents a playlist of some of the best acts from 1960-2000.

Blogify: Passing the Bechdel Test


While the Bechdel Test is used mainly for discerning gender biases in films, it can be applied to any medium with a narrative. If you think the movie industry has it bad, with only two Best Picture Oscar nominees passing in 2015, consider for a moment the music industry. When was the last time you heard a song, sung from the female perspective, about anything other than a boy?

In the spirit of critically analyzing films, a la IFF, and inspired by this article in Pitchfork, BlogDH presents a playlist comprised of songs that get an S with distinction in the Bechdel Test.

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Blogify: Happy April!


Despite the lingering cold, this week feels like Providence’s version of the beginning of spring. New season, new songs. We’ve got you covered with our staff’s favorite recent releases!

Image via Albie Brown ’16.