Blorgchiving: Things We’re Thankful For

Herald editorial, from 20 years ago (Tues, Nov. 26, 1991):

Blorgchiving: Today, 20 years ago

Women protest the presence of sexual hostility on campus

Headline: “Brown’s Ranking Sinks” (the average SAT for Brown students is noted at 1295 out of 1600) – again.

People, specifically the club “Fraternities Off Campus!” love to hate on fratlife on Wriston Quad.

Some of the food is still questionable – vegetarian cheese soup? Too bad we just missed Hot Ham on a Bulky Roll on Sept 12, 1991.

Thelma & Louise is in theaters, setting Brad Pitt’s career into motion

Herald has punny headlines, i.e. “Volleyball Crucifies Holy Cross”

The cartoons only semi-make sense

…and thus, history continues to repeat itself.