PC vaccinating everyone after second meningitis case


Just as all that ebola fear-mongering is dying down, here’s something even closer to home: Providence College is offering a three-dose meningococcal vaccine after two students were diagnosed with meningitis this week. PC is advising business as usual otherwise, but Blog suggests that to be extra safe, you might put off your daily trip across town to campus.

Meanwhile, let’s take a minute and riff on this disturbing nugget from the ProJo story:

“The school is not mandating that its 3,800-plus students receive the vaccine, but health officials are urging students to do so in an effort to prevent an outbreak. ‘[Fine] believes it’s the most responsible course of action,’ said Steven J. Maurano, associate vice president at PC. ‘We’re hopeful that very few would opt out.’ On Sunday, 3,168 PC students came through the doors of the clinic; 3,060 were immunized and the other 108 opted out, according to the college’s public affairs office.”

WHAT?!? WHAT?!? WHY?!? Do you realize that you can die from meningitis? Like, really die? Like, college students actually die, and have died, and will in all probability die in the future, from meningitis? Do you realize that NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU GET THE VACCINE?

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Techaccino Tuesdays: Instagram bought by Facebook

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In a relatively surprising move, Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that Facebook plans to buy photo-sharing site Instagram for $1 billion. (Did you really think they would go public just to make some cash?) Since it went live in October 2010, Instagram has garnered over 30 million users (most of whom are already on Facebook) and multiple “App of the Year” awards thanks to its ease of use and hamster stylized photos. By joining forces with the largest social networking (and photo sharing!) website, it hopes to expand its user base and bask in share Facebook’s revenue.

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In Case You Missed It: Dee-1

Though we hardly need another reason to think that Professor Tricia Rose is cool, she has once again reinforced the notion that actually showing up for lecture will reap rewards. Instead of lecturing this morning, she surprised class attendees of her Hip Hop Culture(s) class with up-and-coming rap artist and role model from New Orleans Dee-1. The first half of class consisted of an interview with the young LSU graduate from New Orleans East, followed by an exclusive performance of some of his more well-known songs. Continue Reading

New Kid on the Block: Mike’s Calzones

Extra, extra, read all about it! In the space where candy could once be purchased according to weight (no, not Lil Jo’s – J&J’s Candy Bar), Mike’s Calzones has set up shop. The new food joint at 288 Thayer Street opened Monday afternoon, boasting a menu of (gasp!) calzones, starters, wraps, subs and salads at an affordable, college student price.

The list of calzones offered is extensive, ranging from “Veggie Lovahz” to “Chicken Bacon Ranch” and beyond (word on the inside, however, is that “Buffalo Chicken” is where it’s at). If you can’t find love in their calzone options, you can always design your own calzone with mozzarella and a choice of four “toppings” (I instead might refer to these as “stuffings”).

Mike’s is open Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-11pm. We all know that the pizza cone couldn’t find its place up on College Hill, but I think the more portable calzone may be solid competition for the Nice Slice and Antonio’s crowd. Let’s give it the old college try and give Mike a chance, shall we?

Breaking Herald news update: Simmons recommends against restoring ROTC

President Simmons released a letter to the community today recommending against restoring the ROTC program on Brown’s campus. This position comes after the release of a June 30, 2011 report by the Committee on ROTC which recommended reconsidering the complete ban of ROTC. The report specifically suggested that the University reach out to the Department of Defense to expand currently available off-campus ROTC opportunities for students. Find the full text of Ruth’s letter here, and check out the Herald website for full in-depth coverage.

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