Lessons in the ‘Girls’ Lexicon: Brand of difficult / Breakup dog / Vomiting in public

girls pic1We’re gonna be honest with y’all: this week’s episode of Girls was a little strange.  Besides the always-awesome one-liners from our girl Shosh, this episode (aptly named “Boys”) aired on the side of serious, focusing primarily on Ray’s life crisis and Adam’s breakup recovery. We struggled to find one particular idea/word to write about this week, so here are some brief thoughts on three subjects covered in last Sunday’s episode:

Brands of difficult (n.)
How it’s used in the show: Adam: “I’m a difficult person, everyone’s a difficult person.  [Hannah] was accepting of my brand of difficult, she was okay with it.”

Let’s briefly address a thought that Adam (of all people, right?) proposed: the idea that we all have our own “brands of difficult.”  Maybe our goal in life shouldn’t be to find the least difficult people to surround ourselves with, but to find those who accept our personal brand of difficult, and whose brand of difficult we can also handle.  We all have our flaws—Tyra Banks would tell us these make us “flawesome” but, like, there’s nothing flawesome about the fact that we constantly leave our shoes directly in your walking path / leave dirty dishes in the sink / obsess over The Wire. The friends you make and keep are going to be the ones who will celebrate you at your best and stand by you at your worst. Continue Reading