What we’re reading: Campus responses to the BDH

In light of the recent opinions articles published by The Brown Daily Herald, there have been numerous statements and articles written by individual Brown students and student-run organizations. As a widely read campus publication, we have a privilege and a duty to inform Brown students of campus happenings and to serve as a platform that elevates marginalized voices on Brown’s campus. Below is a collection of the responses that embody many of the discussions happening on our campus.

We encourage readers to read these statements and articles in their entirety. If any individual students, organizations, or groups wish to have their published works included in this piece, please email blog@browndailyherald.com.


In a guest column for the BDH“Exchange Columbus: The case for Indigenous People’s Day,”  Native Americans At Brown argues why the University should change fall weekend to Indigenous People’s Day, and provides the historical and current context of the Native American experience:

“This is not just a symbolic or political stance that we are taking. Our continuing fight for Native visibility on campus has consequences for us as students, Native communities and the greater campus community of students of color. We are living testaments to Native resistance, and we are requesting a celebration of ourselves and millions of others like us, rather than a University erasure of the genocide that we had to fight back to get here. This renaming of Fall Weekend is just one small step in longer walk towards institutionalizing real support for Native students.”

NAB has also released a petition to the University that currently has over 1,000 signatures.

Leaders of several Black student organizations released a joint statement to the Brown Daily Herald in which they demand accountability and reform from the editorial board:

“As the oldest and most prominent publication on this campus, we hold the BDH accountable as an organization for their practices and how they approach controversial issues. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether or not students disagree; however, as an organization with privilege, power, and a platform, the BDH is, and will be, held to a higher standard than any one individual.”

“A Statement from a Collective of AAPI Students,” published in bluestockings magazine, is a statement of solidarity written by a collective of Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islander students at Brown, which calls on AAPI students to take action and speaks on AAPI complicity:

“In weaponizing the model minority myth, white supremacy broadcasts the economic success of a narrow subset of Asian Americans in the United States to justify the oppression of Native and Black communities. AAPI complicity and active participation in white supremacy can and does happen. This complicity upholds the systemic oppression of all communities of color. As AAPI people, our own shared histories of imperialism are connected to those of other people of color… we must be even more thoughtful and compassionate in the ways we build coalition with communities of color whose oppression we have historically benefited from.”

In this bluestockings magazine editors statement, the magazine speaks to ethical journalism and offers itself as a platform and space for response:

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Hardy ‘Fox & Friends’ non-veterans call out Herald ROTC columnist for disinterest in becoming a veteran

Fox News simply can’t get enough of Brown!

After repeated visits from Bill O’Reilly’s errand boy/Barack Obama contributor Jesse Watters, they’ve handed the Brown coverage baton over to none other than the friendly friends of Fox & Friends, everyone’s favorite 3/10 IMDB-rated morning news program.

The Fox & Friends team, consisting of Steve “Fox” Doocy, Elisabeth “Friend” Hasselbeck, and Eric “I’m just here so Friends can be pluralized” Bolling, lampooned a Herald column by Peter Mahklouf ’16–that’s Mac-loff to you, courtesy of Mr. Doocy–that in no uncertain terms denounced Brown’s decision to partner with the Navy and Air Force ROTC programs. In fact, it pretty much denounced the entire United States military and any attachment to it.

Far be it from Blog’s modus operandi to take a political stance on what is, to be sure, a pretty damn divisive Herald column (with a predictably entertaining Disqus discussion) but we just thought we’d leave the clip here. Enjoy!

The Herald welcomes you to the new semester with a sparkly new website

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.19.07 PM

With the start of the new semester — and the icy wintry welcome Providence gave us for the first day of class — The Herald not only brought you a paper to welcome you to 2013 but yet another way to strategically waste time online.

On behalf of The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDH’s umbrella organization (or more affectionately, our wise older sibling who always makes curfew), we would like to cordially welcome you to The Herald’s sparkly, shiny, spankin’ new website.

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Round XIII: Herald > ‘Dependent

Another semester, another victory.

The biannual kickball extravaganza between The Herald and the Indy ended, as always, in Herald glory. A six-run first inning and an outstanding display by Adam Toobin ’15 sandwiched a dominant 13-9 victory for the good guys.

A sound beating.

The MVPs of the game are Oliver Rosenbloom ’13 and Alex Kaplan ’14 with a HR each, and Liz Carr ’14 and her accomplice Drew with run-saving grabs in the field.

The Indy tried its very stripe-laden best, first extending the game from six to nine innings, then pulling a mystical run from the sky and finally recruiting two innocent baseball-tossing athletes to pinch kick and make the final score a tad less embarrassing. Keep trying, boys and girls.

The all-time series now stands at 10-3, and the 122nd editorial board follows in its elders’ footsteps by retiring undefeated.

The victorious.

The Herald reveals its redesign

The Herald worked with both professional and student designers to create its new design. Our goal is to make the paper easier to read while also updating its look. Comment below, write us a letter or tweet @the_herald to let us know what you think!
  1. We created a new flag to modernize the look of our front page and display clearer, sharper Van Wickle Gates.
  2. We reduced our font by one point so that we can fit more photos and more graphics, and to allow us to space out our stories better. You get more content and more visuals with the same number of pages!
  3. We’ve moved our “Inside” section above the fold so you can see more of our stories right away.
  4. We did away with jump headlines to allow you to find stories’ continuations more easily. Before, navigating to “continued” stories could be confusing because jump headlines were different from front page headlines. Now keywords will direct you where to pick up your reading! Continue Reading