Trinity Repertory Company presents: The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie, arguably Tennessee Williams’s most famous work, comes to Providence, RI, later this month in a new conception of the scripted drama. Produced twice before at Trinity Rep, in 1965 and 1991, this rendition of Williams’ play, directed by Brian Mertes, takes the classic memory play and transforms it into a piece which could more accurately be categorized a “dream play,” and at times, a nightmare—purposefully, of course.


“You live in a dream; you manufacture illusions!”

The set, a far cry from Williams’s heavily stage-directed concept, is a barren square of carpet, surrounded by two pianos, a few chairs, and a bed suspended from the rafters of the Chace Theater. The curtains, specifically designed for this production, entail a veil that appears only during intermission, a sheer white cloth that billows behind a free-standing fan, and a set of vertical vinyl blinds reminiscent of a car wash. As the play unfolds, the set is flooded with detail: Tom Wingfield (Brian McEleney) spreads loofahs across the upstage area, Laura (Mia Ellis) pulls her glass playthings and moves them about the space, while Amanda (Anne Scurria) retrieves costume pieces from a free-hanging clothes rack behind the stage.  Continue Reading

Trinity Rep/Brown MFA Presents: Pericles, Prince of Tyre

If your appetite for Shakespeare hasn’t yet been sated by Sock and Buskin’s Twelfth Night, worry not: the Trinity Rep/Brown MFA Class of 2015 production of the Bard’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre continues for one more night.


One of Shakespeare’s last plays, Pericles tells the tale of the titular prince, who flees from the bloodthirsty Antiochus of Antioch after discovering the King is sleeping with his daughter has a secret. Pericles flees to Tarsus, meeting King Cleon and Queen Dionyza, before being washed ashore at Pantapolis, where he wins the hand of the King’s daughter, Thaisa, in marriage. Their daughter, Marina, is born at sea as another storm kills Thaisa, who is thrown overboard and is carried to Ephesus. Pericles leaves Marina at Tarsus before returning home alone.

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