No more Serena, some other fictional Brunonians

Unable to part with the "Met Steps," Serena picked Columbia (Photo c/o The CW)

As Anne has already noted, Serena van der Woodsen has opted to attend Columbia over Brown following a melodramatic gap year and clichéd summer in Paris. This comes as welcome news because now I have zero reasons to watch a show that has jumped at least 12 proverbial sharks since the end of season two. In response to Serena’s decision to abandon our beloved school, I offer a few fictional Brown attendees from the pop culture realm after the jump:

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Brown seems finally out of the picture on Gossip Girl

Devotees of Gossip Girl who are probably watching the season premiere right now (and shouldn’t be embarrassed to say it!) just witnessed what is likely the end of any possibility that Serena van der Woodsen, one of the show’s protagonists, will ever attend Brown.

All throughout high school, it was her dream to go to Brown, even though some of her friends made fun of it. After a brief flirtation with Yale senior year of high school, she ended up being accepted to Brown and planning to attend.

After everything was derailed by some summer drama, Serena decided not to show up for her first year. Brown fans may have still held out hope she would come back after a gap year of shopping, dating, and family drama, but a Columbia acceptance letter just came for Serena while she was summering in Paris.

Too bad for Brown’s publicity, but it makes sense for the show to keep all the main characters in New York.