Art School(ed): RISD Quickies


As Brunonians ween themselves off of their committed relationship with Netflix enjoy a briefly noncommittal relationship with their course load during shopping period, “RISDians” approach the final stretch of Wintersession, a required mini-term between fall and spring semester when students take one or two classes on campus, intern somewhere for credit, or study abroad. Wintersession offers RISD kids a welcome change of pace from their usual workload, and the students take the time to kick back, relax, or experiment with different mediums.

In the spirit of RISD’s tendency to label all they hold dear with a borderline NSFW moniker, enterprising RISD-ites have organized RISD Quickies, a forum where students teach workshops to their peers on a topic of their choice or expertise. RISD Quickies are not RISD exclusive: Brown students are encouraged to attend workshops, and in the past few weeks, Brunonians have led Quickies on how to maintain leather goods and how to create neon signs. Quickie season is not over yet: several workshops will be offered before Wintersession comes to a close. Check the schedule and come on down the hill to learn how to fly a drone, sew with LEDs, or make GIFs.


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