Yet another reply-all fiasco: Apparently, we need to take down the pool in Phi Delt…

Before Tuesday afternoon, we current Brown students felt little compassion for those suffering from any sort of reply-all fiasco. Only rising seniors—who were merely freshmen at the time—remember Brown’s own reply-all incident back in 2011, during which enraged students used every type of font and color to encourage those on the same ListServ to stop hitting reply all. Last fall, we laughed at poor NYU student Max Wiseltier as he, hoping to forward an email about paperless tuition to his mother, accidentally hit reply all to an e-mail that promptly went out to every single student at the university. These two instances seemed too far-removed to ever infiltrate our Gmail inboxes, but it seems that the reply-all chaos has hit home yet again.

Here’s how it started: At 2:19 p.m. on Tuesday, the University Scheduling Office sent out an email explaining that the Resource 25 Scheduling request was back online. Cool. We didn’t even know the University had a Scheduling Office. But what did this email even mean?

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 2.55.41 PM

We really didn’t have any idea, and it didn’t seem like anyone else did either. The Brown University Scheduling Office thanked us for our patience, but it definitely spoke too soon. Continue Reading

Another year, another Spring Weekend ticket sale malfunction


Despite efforts to ensure that last year’s Spring Weekend ticket clusterfuck would never happen again, history seemed to repeat itself this morning. Spring Weekend ticket sale malfunctions? It must be spring! But you shouldn’t blame BCA. It was clearly a problem with the TouchNet payment processor that has exclusive contact with Brown. According to BCA’s most recent update, the only way you’ll know that you have successfully purchased tickets is if you have already received an e-mail confirmation. If you are one of the many frustrated confused exhausted people whose credit cards were charged but did neither received tickets nor e-mail confirmations, all processing/pending charges will be removed from your statement within 48 hours, according to BCA.

Don’t lose all hope…at least not yet. BCA also announced that both tonight (4/15) at 8 p.m and tomorrow (4/16) at 7 a.m. an additional 1250 tickets per concert will be released.

Here are some funny statuses to keep your mind off the stressful Lord of the Flies dynamic into which we seem to have devolved. Hey, at least we’re not alone…

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Did you really read Morning Mail? Free airbrushed tanks at Faunce tomorrow!

Faunce Airbrush

If you didn’t read Morning Mail this morning, you actually had a good excuse this time, thanks to the BSA. But this is something you won’t want to miss: tomorrow from 12-4 p.m., there will be an airbrush artist in front of the Faunce steps airbrushing custom tanks—for free! And you know we love free.

Thought you could come up with a better design than all the other Spring Weekend tanks? Now is your chance. Design your own tank and watch it come to life with a colorful spray of toxic chemicals. Head over to Faunce on Tuesday to throw it back to the coolest bar mitzvah party favor, with a fratty twist.

But we hope you have somewhere to wear it, because “Spring Weekend tank” doesn’t sound as exciting when you don’t have tickets to Spring Weekend.

It’s about damn time

To the new director of e-commerce: may you fare better than your predecessor. Like the BSA Marketplace, justice is cruel mistress.

Now, we’re not pointing any fingers, BUT…

That is all.

Big Boi tickets update

According to the BSA website, tickets for the Fall Concert sold out as of this morning. However, remember, they only released 400 tickets between yesterday and today because that’s the capacity for the venue if the concert has to be held indoors. If the weather is good, there will be a chance for everyone who had too rough of a night at Fish Co. and overslept their 8 a.m. alarm.