Study break of the day: “The Barrel Show”

Are finals making you miserable? Do you even remember the last time you cracked a smile? Are you itching to be entertained? If you answered these questions, “Yes. No. YES,” we have good news: The Brown Barrel comedy alliance, a conglomerate of Brown’s comedy groups, has come to your rescue with its hilarious new radio show.

“The Barrel Show,” a new addition to BSR‘s Sunday lineup, features sketches and routines from Brown’s comedy groups and funny conversational interludes between acts. Your hilarious fellow Brunonians will provide some great lolz on lolz on lolz. You can listen to the first three episodes of “The Barrel Show” here. Laughter may be the only medicine that will heal those finals blues, so stop whining and start listening.

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A Weekend of Student Music

Last semester, Brown students voted on their dream lineup for Spring Weekend. The BCA managed to snag just one act that made our wishlist — not suprising considering our lofty expectations. In these tight times, we can’t go shelling millions of dollars to book Taylor Swift. How would we explain that to Mayor Taveras? Luckily, Brown Student Radio has got those lusting for more marquee names covered. Its Spring Cover Band show is going down tonight, and the lineup is pretty jaw-dropping on paper. Come by The Underground tonight at 9 to catch some of Providence’s best bands covering the likes of Beirut, Neil Young, Prince, Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Each group’s set will last about twenty minutes, but expect T-Swift’s to be cut a little short…

Then, if you’re craving more student music — or just an excuse to go to Whisco in the afternoon — the BCA is hosting a Battle of the Bands this Sunday at 1 p.m. Four student acts will be competing for the chance to win eternal fame and glory (and free Spring Weekend tickets). Head on over to everyone’s bayside watering hole to kick your Spring Week off right.

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The FrugaList: Vol. I

No one needs an excuse to save money (and if you do, then you’re probably in the fabled 1%, in which case suck it).  With that noble goal in mind, here is a weekly cross-section of face-melting ways to save dough, which you can turn around to use and buy dough for baking.  I bake.  Do you?  It’s fun.


Say you’re tired of walking the streets of Providence and will puke if you see one more colonial house on Benefit Street.  The remedy for your architectural blues lies a few feet below, in the form of the East Side Railroad Tunnel.  This beast of a hidden area makes the Keeney tunnels seem like corn borer holes (Midwest thing, sorry) and is the best place in Providence to go for a creepy stroll.  It’s got ledges to shimmy along, rivers of red goo and at least one Satanic ritual has taken place there – can anyone say crucified bird?  There’s some great German graffiti, and it’s generally a good place to practice your Half-Life 2 walkthrough.  But bring one of those SARS masks because, when I was in there, I think I ingested about two more hours’ worth of rust particulates than the FDA recommends.

Savings:  Your industrial design sanity.

TL;DR – P-town underground.  Continue Reading