BTV premiere tonight! Interview with BTV Director Yotam Tubul ’14

With BTV’s spring slate of shorts ready to premiere tonight, BlogDH sat down with Yotam Tubul ’14, the director of Afterlife Sentence, the longest of the four films. He had plenty to say about life, love, and movies (minus life and love).

Kevin Kelly ’15 in Afterlife Sentence

BlogDH: Tell me about the BTV Premiere and why people should go.

Yotam: It’s Monday night in Salomon, which is really cool because it’s the biggest venue we’ve had for it and it’s a big screen and it’s right on campus. [Then he talked a lot about BTV logistics, info you can probably find somewhere on this website.] It’s a lot of people’s work over the course of a semester gone into one night, four short films. It’s a testament to really cool group efforts and hopefully really good filmmaking.

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The Blog: Episode 5

The second season premiere of The Blog, our BTV webseries, is now online. You may have seen the bloggers attempt kickball, Geoff’s dates and perhaps even a brief foray into bondage. But you’ve never witnessed our hazing process. It’s survival of the fittest as a new crop of writers battles it out for a spot on (the fictional) BlogDailyHerald.

You can find all previous episodes here or here. For up-to-date progress on the show, visit us on Facebook.

Meet the candidates.

Berg Goes Viral

We know this clip has been up for a while, but viewing this BTV/UCS coproduction, like using the S/NC option, is an opportunity every Brown student should embrace. Though the video borrows a title from FDR’s precedent-setting radio series, it provides little insight into the big administrative policies here at the University. Instead, students Mitra Anoushiravani ’11 and Kyra Mungia ’13 pry at the personal life of Dean Katherine Bergeron. Watch as the Berg tells a story from her “esoteric” favorite course (Mobile Counterpoint), deftly avoids questions about her high school dating experiences and explains her decision to become the Dean of the College. Eye opening? Not quite. But now you can hear Dean Bergeron’s always eloquent voice on demand!