Captain Seaweed’s Thursday Night Lobster Raffle: Cheap beer, cheese puffs and live lobsters


One Thursday night, these two BlogDH writers decided—like the proper seniors we are—to ignore our readings for the night and drag our housemates to Captain Seaweed’s Pub on the corner of Ives and Williams. The honeymoon period with the GCB was waning, and it was good to get out to the other bars of Providence—you can only go to Spats so many times before you feel like you should be a real adult and branch out. Meanwhile, Seaweed’s is home to good-spirited bartenders, plenty of fishing tackle and an old decrepit statue of a fisherman, whose level of creepiness is certainly up there.

But the real reason to visit Seaweed’s is for the Thursday night lobster raffle. Every Thursday, each drink comes with a raffle ticket, and then, at 11:30, winners are chosen and given a tray with two lobsters and a bag of mussels.

The success of the evening is all about strategy.

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The Weekly Dive: Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub


We know there are only a few weeks left in the school year, but you need to find somewhere to drink on the cheap post-Binder. Let BlogDH guide you (totally seriously) through all the best dive bars to stumble into/out of on a warm spring night.

In short:

Hours: Random
Attire: Wear clothes… maybe
Accepts credit cards: Probably… I wouldn’t
Ambience: Trendy, maritime
Price range: $
Good for groups: Yes
Good for kids: Depends on the kids (and the parents)
Takes Reservations: No phone (actually)
Outdoor seating: Actually, yes
Good for: Dinner with Family, Date Night, Weddings, Corporate Events, Funerals…
Alcohol: Full Bar
Noise level: Deafening Silence

The longer version:

Tired of the numerous Brown parties and fun bars that Providence has to offer? Seeking the company of a lady with some more experience under her belt? If this sounds familiar, or if your budget is approaching that of a drifter, then Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub is the place for you.

Before heading down with a few friends to a new bar, it makes sense to research the place. The Facebook page for Seaweed’s boasts “Lonely…? Come let Captain Seaweed be your date!” It offers $6 pitchers along with a variety of lobster-themed deals. One satisfied customer raved, “Is there a new phone number? The one on the internet didn’t work…” If you’re anything like me, then this place sounded too good to be true.

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Premiere of episodes three and four of The Blog webseries TONIGHT

Come join us in Kassar Fox Auditorium TONIGHT at 9 p.m. for the premiere screening of the third and fourth episodes of The Blog. Then, immediately after the screening, come celebrate with us for an afterparty at Captain Seaweed’s (162 Ives Street)! $2 tallboys? Yes please.

Two days until the premiere of The Blog’s third and fourth episodes!

Take a look at this brand new trailer to get a sneak peek of the two episodes of The Blog we will be premiering this Thursday, September 20. The premiere will start at 9 p.m. in Kassar House’s Foxboro Auditorium. The screening will be immediately followed by an afterparty at Captain Seaweed’s (162 Ives Street).

Need to catch up on the first and second episodes? Get your fix here.

(Re)introducing The Blog, our beloved webseries

The Blog — BlogDailyHerald and BTV’s jointly produced webseries — is back from its summer hiatus with two new episodes. Come join us for the premiere screening of the second half of the season on Thursday, September 20 at 9 p.m. in Kassar House’s Foxboro Auditorium to see what Caleb, Tara, Parker, and Mallory have been up to.

The premiere will go until about 9:40, at which point we will immediately move to Captain Seaweed’s (162 Ives Street) for an afterparty, and, with any luck, win 2+ lobsters in Seaweed’s’ weekly lobster raffle. Come celebrate with us, win some seafood, and bask in the cheeriness of BTV’s premiere comedy webseries. Shiver me timbers.

Stay tuned in the coming week for a trailer and production stills from episodes three and four. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, take a glance at the first and second episodes in the series. Also, be sure to check out our new Facebook page.

UPDATE: Check out the Facebook event for the screening!