Sans Meal Plan: Cheesecake (with alcohol) for St. Paddy’s

Chocolate Bailey's Cheesecake? Yes, please!

This Saturday, March 17, is a momentous occasion in Ireland and America alike (though in few other places): the day we celebrate the Christianization of Ireland by Saint Patrick with copious amounts of green-dyed beer. Huzzah!

Lately, I’ve really wanted to make a cheesecake. Cheesecake is one of those desserts that seems really difficult to make, but is actually quite easy once you have a foundational recipe. But remember, not all cheesecakes are created equal. It seemed only fitting that this week I should test out my brand spankin’ new spring-form cake pans with a cheesecake. And due to the 100-year anniversary of Oreos, I wanted to incorporate the iconic cookie into my creation. To make this cheesecake even better, I threw in some cocoa powder (because chocolate only serves to make things better), made a dark chocolate ganache to pour on top, and added a whole lot of Bailey’s — after all, it is Saint Patrick’s Day! Continue Reading

It's a sculpture, made out of ice!

Cupcakes and fruit tarts and cheesecakes, oh my!

Alright, we take back everything we’ve ever said about the Ratty.

Make your way down to the lovely Sharpe Refectory for fruit tarts, piña colada and s’mores cupcakes, tiramisu, and vegan strawberry and Oreo cheesecake. We’re lovin’ this more than Blue Room focaccia and V-Dub CFF combined.

Why? Just ‘cause.