FlogDailyHerald: Chicken finger (no)Fri(es)day

Ah, chicken finger Friday: the long lines, the weekly arrival of honey mustard at the VDub, and, much to my chagrin, the consistent absence of fries. Why does the VDub, which seems to serve fries every other day and meal of the week, decide to forgo the crispy potatoes on chicken finger Friday, when it would be most obvious to include the oily side dish?

Chicken finger Friday is a staple of Brown dining, so much so that it caused a slight panic when cancelled, and uproar when moved, unannounced, to a different weekday. It’s marked by the noon and 1 p.m. rushes, the long line on the “ice cream machine” side of the VDub, and the forgotten, near-barren line on the “waffle maker” side.

Where's the fries?

Where are the fries??

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12 Days of Flogmas, Day Six: Crossing Waterman



If I could avoid Waterman Street—potentially the most difficult thing to cross since the Red Sea—I would. But alas, it is smack dab in the center of campus. So, I, like most Brown students, encounter it every day.

What makes crossing Waterman so unpleasant is not the fact that it is a main artery (or at least as main as any street in Providence can be). I have eyes and ears. I can cross the street.

There are two main reasons why the Waterman crossing experience sucks. Firstly, at the corner of Waterman and Thayer, the Walk/Don’t Walk sign never ever displays the “walk” signal. When I say “never ever,” I’m not using it idiomatically. I have actually never seen that beautiful fluorescent man purposefully walking to his destination. Instead, I am greeted every time by that obnoxious red hand.

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Blog Confessions

It’s unavoidable: even if we don’t always feel comfortable speaking our minds, there is some diversity of opinion at Brown. Everyone has different tastes and feelings, and it can be tough to voice our true thoughts if we know they go against the grain.

Unpopular opinions usually come to light in terms of the Big Questions, things like politics and religion. But what you might not realize is that some of your fellow students have thoughts about life in Brunonia that would shock you to the core. Or maybe you do realize, because you have feelings about Brown that don’t quite go along with the majority yourself.

Dialogue is important, so I solicited unpopular opinions from other Blog writers and constructed a highly scientific BlaspheMeter to determine exactly how ashamed you should be of your seemingly unacceptable Brown opinions.

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No Chicken Finger Friday Today?!

Guess where you won't be today?

According to the Brown Dining website, the VDub will be closed today — which means no chicken fingers. Everyone’s favorite Friday lunch spot is apparently grappling with some “mechanical issues.” The site doesn’t say whether BuDS anticipates these issues being fixed soon, but hopefully we won’t still be weeping into our sad, sad Ratty lunches next Friday.

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Found: One BlogDailyHerald Article

If you’ve ever posted on Spotted@Brown with the hope that someone would return the wallet you dropped on Wriston last weekend, you’re in luck.  Brown students no longer have to invade the popular missed connections site to locate their missing things, thanks to a brand new website called LostAtBrown.  The brainchild of Ian Callender ’15, LostAtBrown has pages where you can list both lost and found items.

Right now it seems like just about anything is fair game for LostAtBrown.  Someone is apparently really eager to find the red spork he lost in Keeney, and a bunch of benevolent students want to return items they mistakenly took with their laundry.  This site has a lot of potential for some great listings, so here are some you can probably expect to see in this new virtual lost and found in the coming weeks.


  • Course requirements.  Last seen: 1968.
  • One University President.  Last seen: hugging a freshman.
  • Sanity.  Last seen: SciLi, 2:00am.
  • Freshman virginity.  Last seen: DPhi.
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Disclaimer: This won’t improve your life

When will Brunonians end their strange obsession with parsing the unfailingly simple landscape of Brown Dining Services?  A new website descriptively titled “Brown Menu” has popped up on the U’s culinary cyber scene.  The site allows you to view the menus of the day for the Ratty and the V-Dub and the specials at the Blue Room all on the same page. Doesn’t sound that novel, right? Right. But you can also click on the specific items, thereby “favorite”-ing them. When your favorite items are served in the future, they’ll show up in big red letters on the site’s home page. But that doesn’t address one fundamental flaw: you still need to visit the website to find out that your favorite items are being served in the first place.

All we really want is some sort of notification system to be installed. Here’s a thought: why not implement a system where you receive a daily text telling you which “favorite”d items are being served and where?

But then again, we might be going overboard – we could stand to plan our lives less around food. Sup Chicken Finger Friday. Sup 11:00 science class that I regularly skipped to be first in line for the vegan nuggets…