Thayer Street, Year 6 B.C.E.

Before there was CitySports, there was Gap.  Before Verizon, we had Coldstone.  Before Tedeschi, Store24 still wasn’t 24 hours/day.  Most importantly, Smoothie King preceded Roba!Dolce (out of commission since 2009) in the years leading up to 2010’s prize addition to the Thayer Street lineup: Chipotle.

In honor of this new addition we bring you a step back in time to the year of 6 B.C.E. (Before Chipotle Era), aka 2004.  Enjoy!

New Chipotle sign is up!

Even though the opening date was pushed back to December 8th, Chipotle on Thayer has put up some snazzy new signs which are sure to make any passing student’s mouth water. Continue Reading

Breaking news: Chipotle further delayed

Well, folks, looks like the wait for a Thayer Street Chipotle will be a little longer.

It seems construction has hit a bit of a snag. “Due to some electrical power issues, the Thayer Street Chipotle will not open until December 8,” Katherine Smith, Chipotle spokesperson, wrote in an email to BlogDailyHerald.

What the frak does that mean? This location has been years in the making and still is having problems opening. Maybe we’re just not meant to have a Chipotle.

Oh well, back to Baja’s.

We’ll let you know if there are any more updates.

Chipotle opening: Scratch the 11th, make it the 16th

A previous BlogDH post informed readers that the Thayer location of Chipotle would be opening November 11, but we have since learned that was mistaken. In a follow-up email to BlogDH, Katherine Smith, our Chipotle contact, wrote that she had mistyped the date in the original email. The correct date is November 16th.

The 16th, got it?

We apologize for any burrito-related confusion.

Mark your calendars for November 11

Patient readers, the long wait is almost over. The Thayer location of Chipotle “is on track to open on November 11,” Katherine Smith, of KNS Promotion Inc, told BlogDailyHerald in an email.

“We are very excited to help Brown students dramatically cut their Chipotle commute,” she wrote. 

So get prepared for burrito goodness in November. Here’s hoping that nothing goes wrong in the meantime!

If you can’t wait for the Thayer location, you can get your burrito fix this weekend by participating in BOORITO 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food. Go to any Chipotle location (like, in Warwick or Cranston) on Halloween between 6 pm and closing dressed as your favorite horrific processed food item, donate $2 to charity, and you’ll get a free burrito, according to Smith’s email. Could be a good preparation for Halloween night revelling.

Chipotle faces liquor license opposition

Chipoltle's tantilizingly details-free sign on Thayer

Those of you following every last development in the three-year-long Thayer St. Chipotle saga (we know you’re out there) have probably already noticed this sign gracing the building across from the Brown Bookstore. But while the burrito chain is set to open this fall, it’s met yet more opposition from its future neighbors. The restaurant, which had applied for a license to sell liquor until 2:00 am, met with opposition from businesses, homeowners, and the cops–as well as our very own Brown University.

According to the ProJo, “Marisa A. Quinn, a Brown vice president, said in a letter that yet another liquor license in the area will cause more consumption of alcohol and more incidents of disorderly conduct.” Ten restaurants on Thayer currently hold liquor licenses.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Chipotle backed down, offering a compromise in which it would stop serving liquor at 11:00 pm. The issue goes before the Board of Licenses again on August 25, but at this point it looks like those who want to wash down their burrito with a sweet and salty margarita will have to stop by pre-fiesta.

— Emma Berry