Chow Down Brown: Cookie decorating in the Blue Room


If there’s one thing we love here at BlogDH more than eating, it’s eating cookies. “Cookies?,” you might ask. “What on earth are you talking about?” Well, Aaron Fitzsenry is back at it again, y’all! Today at 4 p.m. there will be a table set up in the Blue Room for cookie decorating. You know what that means: frostings, chocolate chips, colored sugar, sprinkles, and every other food from your Freshman 15 nightmares.

Now, for those of us on tight budgets, cookie decorating may remind us of that wonderful time of year when our entire life savings gets spent on wrapping paper and socks for grandpa. But, the best part about this cookie decorating party is that it doesn’t cost you extra money. In fact, the Blue Room will be lowering the prices of said cookies and the cookie decorating aspect is free. That means you can use all the frosting your little heart desires without wasting those last few Flex Points you’ve been saving.

Most importantly, there will be a cookie decorating contest. Aaron will post pictures of the cookies on the Blue Room’s twitter (@brown_blueroom), and student workers will choose the top decorators who will win fun goodies including freebies. (I’m not saying it’ll be Gingerbread Man S’mores, but I’m also not not saying it’ll be Gingerbread Man S’mores.)

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 11.25.06 AM

TL;DR: Cookie decorating in the Blue Room today, submit your works of art for the chance to win Blue Room goodies, Aaron Fitzsenry is awesome.

See you there!

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Chow Down Brown: Swipe away at campus eateries

Whether you’re a dewy-eyed prospie or an experienced senior, you know that the Blue Room is one of the best places to grab a quality meal and waste all of your Flex Points. And, though the occasional pre-4 p.m. splurge may seem worth it, ending the semester with only meal credits to your name is not. Well, not to worry. Now you can start using that other piece of plastic. Yep, that’s right. The Blue Room is getting credit card machines (right in time for your parents to buy you all the muffins in the world).



“It’s what a customer wants, it’s what a customer expects,” Aaron Fitzsenry (Campus Eateries master and overall boss) explained. We met up yesterday, and he gave us the DL on this new venture. The credit card machines will also be in the Ivy Room, the Campus Market, and Poppy’s. The real machines should be here by November 1st, but until then, they’re using temporary wireless versions.

Now you’re probably wondering, how will I ever spend all this money? Turns out there are lots of specials coming up. This Saturday, the Blue Room is bringing back its apple pie floats. Yeah, you read right. Aaron’s putting a spin on root beer floats, and is instead dousing vanilla ice cream with a blend of ginger ale and spiced apple cider. Nom. And, if Aaron doesn’t get through all of his cider, there’ll be hot cider and apple crisps on Sunday. Next week, look out for Oktoberfest at the Gate. Also get psyched for Halloween, where there will be tons of candyAnd if you’re really looking ahead, the pasta action station will be at the Gate on November 6. Niiiiice.

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Brown Dining Services edition

Ben Affleck Blue Room

You’re just getting back in the full swing of things here at Brown, yet your usual dining routine seems a bit off. Case in point: You go to the Ratty and see a fried crispy ringlet. You think to yourself, Must be an onion ring, right? You attempt to confirm by reading the description on the glass barricade, but it just simply cannot be: the description reads “Calamari.” The Ratty has… real food? Though I’m sure you’ve been craving Ratty food all summer, you couldn’t have imagined the glory and satisfaction that awaited you during your first meal back at Brown. This example is just a mere taste of all of the changes already in effect around campus. Brown Dining Services has made some inspired—if not revolutionary—changes to its food offerings. A run-down of these culinary ch-ch-ch-ch-changes:

Ratty and V-Dub: The Ratty and V-Dub now have a rotating 13-week cycle with several new gastronomical options. You probably have already had a chance to experience some of them. In addition to providing these new options, BDS has developed nutrition facts for all of the food it will be serving and will make this information available in both dining halls. Word on the street is that it’s also developing an app so students can quickly access nutritional information on the go. We’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, be sure to check out the menus on the Brown Dining Services website.
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Chow Down Brown: Dolce Gelateria


Since you most definitely need to treat yo’self (see after the jump) after completing that final paper, I suggest stopping by Wickenden’s most recent addition, Dolce Gelateria. If you think the Lanni family’s (John, Deborah, Brittan, and Nicole) shop is scooping your average ice cream and gelato, I bet these mind-blowing flavas – apple crisp, coffee kahlua brownie, snickas with Snickers, ginger, and frozen pudding – proved you wrong. As if those weren’t enough, your options also include white chocolate with cranberry, basil sorbet, cinnamon, and peach bellini. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, the Lanni family’s homemade waffle cone recipe puts the Ratty/V-dub to shame.  Basically, this gelato and ice cream joint is sure to be a sweet success, so ch-ch-check it out at 270 Wickenden or on their Facebook page.

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Chow Down Brown: Top 5 reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.15.00 AM

As a senior, I’ve seen a lot of bars and restaurants come and go throughout my four years on the Hill. Liquid Lounge was replaced by the English Cellar Ale House. Toledo, the infamous pizza-in-a-cone restaurant, was replaced by Sahara Hookah. Chipotle replaced Roba Dolce  some random restaurant that had no customers. And Marley’s was replaced by Hercules Mulligan’s (until that too closed).

On Monday, Gourmet Heaven opened, replacing Via Via in terms of its location, and replacing surpassing Tedeschi in terms of its purpose. Within 48 hours of opening its doors, the specialty food store has gained widespread approval, and I’ll even go as far as to say endless amounts of love, from Brunonians.

If you haven’t been yet, remove yourself from the rock (Rock?) you’ve clearly been living under and go check it out for yourself. And, if you’ve already graduated, I’m sorry to say this so bluntly, but you missed out. Even the opening of Froyo World doesn’t even compare to this newest addition. Though there are hundreds of reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven, here are the top 5: Continue Reading

Joedega fills iced coffee hole in my heart

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So apparently it’s not new (#freshmanproblems), but Joedega is making a comeback on College Hill. This aesthetically pleasing truck “proudly serves fresh, locally roasted coffee from small farms around the globe.” I’m in! Just in time for reading week, Joedega’s extensive menu of brewed coffee, espresso, lattes, and teas will keep you pumped up for some quality time in the Rock.

The truck, which is posting up on Brown and George today, promises to be a savior for all those who were missing the iced coffee from Providence Coffee Roasters. And if caffeine isn’t your thing (congrats!), Joedega has a promising smoothie menu! Go check them out and keep supporting the ever-growing plethora of food trucks on campus.