Do you “Heart Providence”?

Every year, the citizens of Providence gather together in Who-like fashion to self-consciously sing a love ballad to their city: Providence City Hall hosts the Fourth Annual “I Heart Providence” event tonight (2/9) from 6-8 pm.

While times may be tough – and times are tough – it turns out that there are still plenty of things to celebrate; those who venture down to City Hall tonight can be sure to find some of the best live music, food from local restaurants, people and organizations that Providence has to offer.

Who knows, maybe your heart will even grow a few sizes. Oh, and it’s free. 

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Public Humanities at City Hall: What Providence could have looked like

While you were holed up in the library writing papers about various long-dead white men on Wednesday, the students of AMCV1550: Methods in Public Humanities finished their last day of class in a slightly more enjoyable way.  As their final project, the members of the class prepared an exhibit entitled “Capital Ideas: Planning Providence” which commemorates the city’s history by displaying various unimplemented design plans from the city’s archives.  In addition, the students in the class asked members of the Providence community to draw sketches of their ideal visions of Providence.

The event was held at City Hall, and Mayor Taveras came out to give a short speech on the way that the exhibit celebrates the history of Providence (shown above).  Some of the designs (both from the archives and those contributed by Providence community members) were relatively standard (and close to what exists today, in fact), but others were pretty unconventional.  Being writers for BlogDailyHerald, we were naturally far more interested in the weird than the newsworthy.  So, we present to you what we (and apparently at least one other person) wish Providence actually looked like: Continue Reading