FlogDailyHerald: Packing up early


I do not consider myself a particularly aggressive person. I mean, I’m able to peacefully accept that there aren’t any more ciabatta rolls left at the Blue Room without squirting Sriracha in someone’s eye, most of the time. I’m also fairly good at not tackling anyone as I make my way out of those pesky Wilson doors and go sprint to my next class. If there is one thing that royally pisses me off, though, it’s the lot of cheeky students who pack up 5-10 minutes before class ends, just to make sure everyone hears and sees them. Here’s the deal:

A) the professor is still talking,

B) you are distracting me, and many other students who are trying to understand the material and,

C) your actions will now trigger a domino effect of rustling papers, scooting chairs, and zipping backpacks, a.k.a. the most scathing sounds in human history.

In short, you are telling the professor, and everyone else in class, that they are operating on your schedule. In short short, you are making me have a nervous breakdown, and I’d love to keep my sanity for at least two more months, thank you very much.

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Class at Brown and Beyond


This Saturday at 2:00 p.m.., several students will crowd the Crystal Room at Alumnae Hall to voice their opinions on class at Brown. The event — what Brown Political Forum founder Ben Resnik ’15 deems less coat-and-tie, more town hall — is the first of a new Community Forum series.

The event adopts the term “community forum” from the open discussion President Paxson hosted at Alumnae Hall following New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly’s canceled lecture last fall. Viveka Hulyalkar ’15, a chair of the Community Forum, said “the magnitude of the dissonance [on campus] was underestimated. There’s a huge demand for an opportunity to bring these pockets of consensus together and get in each other’s faces about the stuff that really tears us apart.”

The Community Forum will start with class, as the chairs feel that class on college campuses has become not only a hot-button issue at Brown but also a once-hushed subject that is now considered nationally. The event will feature several student speakers who Resnik said are known and respected figures on campus. But, the audience truly makes up the core of the forum.

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The eight types of question-askers in class


Asking questions in class is often terrifying. Anything could go wrong. You could choke on your own spit, accidentally make a comment sound sexual, or lose your voice midway through (damn you, cold weather!!). If you simply prefer to just watch and listen, you might notice that those who do ask fit into one or more of the following categories. Find out which ones after the jump!

For this post, I will assume the question-asker is a guy–pardon the heternormativity.

The Hypnotizer

perfect snog

This one is arguably everyone’s favorite student in class. He is most likely an international student with an accent that dazzles you. You’ll notice when he is talking because literally every student turns to look at him, nodding their heads in agreement but actually just daydreaming about him singing them a lullaby. Or “Wonderwall” (I can’t be the only one…). He could say, “Poopy pickle pants” and still be making a “valid point” because we just want to hear him keep talking.

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