The post-Spring Weekend detox plan


With the end of Spring Weekend debauchery comes one of the most feared and talked-about social ills known to campus: the post-bender hangover. Whatever crazy things you did these last few days will undoubtedly be followed by a series of ailments. Whether it’s an incredibly hellish headache, stomach issue, sinus infection, or any combination of illnesses, it’s your body’s way of saying f**k you, this is payback. So what can we as Brown students do? Although pretending that we aren’t enrolled in college and staying in bed all week does sound like a good idea, we have to live up to our play hard-work hard reputation. That is why we created a list of the best ways you can detox here on campus.

The Vita-Coco Cleanse

There is a reason the Blue Room stocks these bad boys. Use all your meal credits, points, Bear Bucks or cash, and stock up on as many as you can get your hands on. No solid foods for the next week.

The Bathroom Steam Sauna

We hope to make RPLs angry Norwegians jealous with this time-honored Scandinavian tradition. All you need is a few towels, some eucalyptus oil, and a lock on your bathroom. Just throw a few towels underneath the door, turn all the showers on to full blast, and inhale the sweet vapors of a steam room. (Disclaimer: BlogDailyHerald is not legallyor financially responsible for any damage done to the dorm, oneself, or one’s pride.)

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The Facebook Cleanse…is it worth it?

So you’re about a month into the semester, getting settled and into the swing of things, and home couldn’t be further away. Or could it? As soon as we log onto Facebook, we are flooded by status updates, muploads, and selfies galore, posted by people we really don’t care all that much about. Who decided that we should care about what everyone’s doing every second of the day? How is that we find ourselves on picture 230 of a (very) distant cousin’s vacation album?

Before I arrived at Brown for the semester, I came to a scary realization: I had over 1,000 Facebook friends. I’m really not sharing this to brag—no one actually has 1,000 friends in real life. I certainly don’t. So I tried the Facebook Cleanse. Like a juice cleanse, the idea is to get rid of all of the unnecessary details on your news feed by defriending the people you no longer really care about. Benefits and drawbacks of the Cleanse after the jump.

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