My first downtown art show: Clerestory


To me, RISD students are like majestic birds and sometimes, I just want to be part of their world. Or at least go to one of their parties. This semester, I decided to follow that dream. No, I didn’t start sneaking into their studios; I simply resolved to go to as many RISD and RISD-Brown events as possible. Slowly, I would become a regular at Carr Haus begin to see things as they did.

Last Monday, I went to my first downtown art exhibit put on by Clerestory magazine to celebrate their 50th issue. It was said that there would be steak and cake. FREE FOOD.

So, I made my way down the Hill, eager to get a taste of the RISD and Brown art scene, and of the alleged cake. Finally, according to the little dot on Google maps, I was here, but I wasn’t sure where to enter. I asked in my most aloof tone possible if this was where the Clerestory event was, or you know, whatever. Maybe I should have used the word “function” instead of “event” to sound more cultured. Wait, no.

 I went into the upstairs space and immediately scanned the area for the cake, but to my dismay found only the ravaged remains.


Frosting to cake ratio, 4:1

There weren’t any eating utensils left, so I scooped up a piece with my hands and plopped it on a lonely napkin that was lying around. I proceeded to languidly walk around the room and admired the various art pieces. They were all either amazingly intricate, or delightfully minimalistic. Either way, I was loving this new lifestyle of mine.

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Blog on Pubs: Clerestory

by Cayman Robson

Occasionally, BlogDH will reach out to other Brown publications and ask them to publish a short preview of their upcoming issues as a means of showcasing their awesomeness.  Here we have a sampling from this semester’s issue of Clerestory Journal of the Arts.  The journal is having a release party tonight from 8-10pm in Machado Lounge (87 Prospect), so head over to grab a journal, listen to some music, watch some videos and hang out with some of the featured artists.

From Emma Janaskie ’13, one of the editors:

Here are the basics: Clerestory Journal of the Arts is College Hill’s oldest arts publication. We publish Brown and RISD undergraduate student work in poetry, prose, visual art, video art and music semesterly and are always looking for ways to push the envelope both in terms of what and how we can feature student work and cultivate an arts community for Brown and RISD undergrads.  The aim of Clerestory isn’t just to put out a publication every semester: we want to get students talking about what they like, why they like it and what and how they want to see their work and their peers’ work presented to the larger College Hill artistic community. The journal is, for us, a manifestation of that particular semester’s dialogue between Brown and RISD students. At the close of each semester, we host a release party to call together the arts community on College Hill. Student artwork hangs on the walls, writers read their work, musicians perform their music and video installations loop as we sit and chat about the semester’s debates and discussions over homemade goodies and wine.

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