Introducing CLNK, a new fashion line by Brown students


If you’ve been searching for a clothing line that seamlessly blends African prints with modern street style, your dream has just come true. If that search hasn’t kept you awake at night, well, your dream might have just come true anyway, because four Brown students have just dropped a gorgeous fashion collection that appeals to all crowds.

Everything started last semester, when Chimezie Udozorh ’16 was looking for African inspired pieces to add to her wardrobe. She commented, “It was really hard to find clothes I liked, and if I did, they were really expensive.” Her and her brother, Kelechukwu Udozorh ’18, were working with their dance team’s sewing machine to make performance outfits, when the idea fell on them to make clothes of their very own. What started with family sweaters for Christmas, turned into a winter recess project to launch a fashion line. Leadz Dorcé ’16 (also featured on folkmade) and Nora Hakizimana ’16 joined the team, and after weeks of nonstop work, the collection launched in mid February.

Chi and Kele are from Nigeria, and they are primarily responsible for producing the clothes. Leadz is from Haiti, and she’s in charge of advertising, logo design, and the website — with the help of computer science concentrator, Joshua Chavez ’16. Nora is from Rwanda, and heads up the business and numbers end of the line from abroad this semester. CLNK is a special opportunity for consumers to purchase unique fashion with a rich cultural heritage. As Leadz put it, “we are the source material.”

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Spring Weekend Tanks: A round-up for 2014

Last week, we gave you BCA’s line-up for Spring Weekend. This week, we bring you tanks on tanks on tanks. We understand how overwhelming it can be to prowl around on your Facebook newsfeed and various class pages in search of the Spring Weekend apparel that best expresses you, so we have consolidated that process and created a buyer’s guide.

Normally, we would publish this after spring break. However, with SW being only ten days after we resume school, most of the deadlines for ordering tanks will be at the end of this weekend! Get them while they are hot (and still available/without rush charges).

*IMPORTANT NOTE* – Be sure to check out the process for buying the tank that you want. In the case of Teespring campaigns, there will be a printing threshold. If not enough people buy a tank, it won’t be printed and everyone gets his/her money back. A couple of these tanks work through other online platforms, are only sold through spreadsheets, or are still using google docs to figure out whether they should order the apparel or not. Start being a responsible consumer early this year and stay updated on the status of your purchases. We have tried to link to as many FB events and teespring pages as possible, but, just like Pokémon, it’s hard to catch them all.

The artist-relevant: For everyone who wants to represent their favorite Spring Weekend artists, or, for everyone who has really bad short term memory and keeps on forgetting the line up, you can now wear them on your upper body. You have a choice between wearing an artist’s face, or the slightly more obscure/hip option of referencing their lyrics.

You’ve got your Lauryn Hill face, and arrow:

Chance, juice carton and plain text:

Diplo’s face, and a very intimidating Diplo-themed bear face:

We are still waiting on a tank featuring Andrew Bird.

The feminists: It’s really exciting this year to have a whole category of Spring Weekend tanks dedicated to feminism. You can go with the subtle fem-powered, the cheeky “D“, or the extremely catchy, Spice Girls-themed consent tank. Ask me what I want what I really really want. . .

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The Brown student’s fashion dilemma

Is it a suit? Or jammies? So much fashion confusion!

In the words of Macklemore:

Draped in a leopard mink, girls standin’ next to me

But also…

I’ll take those flannel zebra jammies, second-hand, I rock that motherfucker
The built-in onesie with the socks on that motherfucker

So, Brown, which best describes us? Well, both…kind of. We may not be as fashion-forward as some other universities (hey, at least we’re are less sexist), and we certainly don’t compete with our neighbors down the Hill, but there are some pretty fly outfits on campus. But how can we motivate ourselves to dress cool when we wake up at 9:58 for a 10 a.m. class?  My 9 a.m. is lucky I brush my teeth, much less change out of my Brown ‘athletic’ apparel. And why don’t we hold the legitimate athletes to the same standard? Probably because you’d sound obnoxious if you said this: “Hey, I know you had to run the Hill this morning and just physically exerted yourself more in one hour than I do in a full year, but I am really not digging the way your basketball shorts don’t match your winter coat.” We are college students: we’re learning, playing, studying, and, well, partying. One-third of us are too busy, and the other two-thirds are too lazy to be dressing spiffy.

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SPONSORED: 10 essentials from Spectrum India

Whatever it is that you’re looking for, Spectrum India probably has it. Spectrum India carries all types of merchandise—from dorm essentials to going out clothes, Spectrum India is the place for all of your college needs! Here are the top ten things that you can buy at Spectrum India:

1. Jackets: Out with the fall and in with the (bitter) cold. Say goodbye to your sundresses and shorts and say hello to your new down, fur, and denim jackets!

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