Dorm room cold remedies for brave souls

If you’ve been to any of your classes in the past month, you’ve heard the cough symphony that accompanies the infamous cold season. As much as you might hate to have your class interrupted by a serial cougher, it is even more miserable to be that cougher. We’ve all been there – actually, most of us are probably there right now.

You have likely already made a few trips to CVS to buy your cold mitigating staples, but have you considered trying something new? The internet offers an abundance of bizarre and non-traditional cold and sore throat remedies that you can try from the comfort of your own dorm room. Warning: some of these cures are weirder than others and we absolutely cannot promise that any of these work, but does the internet ever lie? Send this to the the serial cougher in your life (or to the lady below…she appears to need some help).


Fear not, sad lady! The internet’s got you covered.


According to, sucking on garlic can actually do a better job at getting rid of a sore throat than a cough drop. They advise that you slice one clove of garlic in half and put the two halves on either side of your mouth. I recently tried this in a moment of desperation and it worked wonders. My insufferable sore throat soon became a thing of the past. Beware: you will need to brush your teeth six times before leaving your dorm room.

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