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It’s that time of year again: The class of 2013 has made it through the other side of the Gates, and our once-distant summer plans are… well, pretty damn close. Whether you returned home or lived out the last few weeks of May at Camp Brown, we’ve been able to shelve our stress, reflect on the year, and look forward to what the next year has in store for us. In the meantime, while we business-casually slog through our summers, BlogDH may not be able to provide you with the same amount time-wasters as per usual to help you procrastinate at your summer job (we need to look good, too!). But don’t go too far—we will post periodically throughout the summer to satisfy all your cravings for life in Brunonia and Lil’ Rhody.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduating seniors on our staff, and to our founder, editor-in-chief emeritus and “Chairman of the Board” Matt Klimerman ’13. Matt was instrumental in bringing the site from concept to launch in its early stages back in 2009 and has worked thanklessly over his years at Brown to invigorate BlogDH and elevate it to the level it’s currently at today. BlogDH’s characteristic creative energy is a product of his constant innovation in content, design (e.g. this picture of Dean Bova punching an exit sign), and strategy. While we’re sad to see the last members of our founding generation leave the Hill for more professional pursuits, we’ve got our succession plans in order and are ready to keep bringin’ it day in and day out. Continue Reading

Find Your 2013 Graduate!


Congratulations to the class of 2013! We will miss you all and can’t wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish. Here is one last graduation present for you all (grad students included!): we’ve got the photos of you walking out of the Van Wickle Gates that you know your mom is dying to see. As Brown graduates, you’ve got this figured out by now—like our page, tag your friends here, and enjoy! Congrats!

In case you haven’t realized, Arrested Development comes back on Commencement

As pretty much anyone who knows me can testify, I’m a crazy-huge Arrested Development fan. So when I heard that a fourth season was actually, finally happening, I reacted something like this:


I immediately started to plan what I’d do when the episodes were released all at once. I saw myself curled up on the couch for seven hours straight with nothing but my suitemate’s Netflix account and a giant thing of candy beans. And then Netflix announced the release date: May 26th, otherwise known as the same day that I’ll be walking through the Van Wickle Gates and graduating from Brown. And it felt a lot like this:


In these days, spoilers are everywhere the second new episodes go up (see Thrones, Game of), which makes it a lot harder to accept that I won’t be able to watch them right away (#firstworldproblems). Of course, there’s always the option of pulling an all-nighter to watch them before Commencement – since they’ll be up on Netflix promptly at 12:00 a.m. – but I’m pretty sure that would leave me walking through the gates feeling like this.

As the class of 2013 moves on to become activists, actors, and analrapists, at least we can watch Arrested Development post-ceremony and after our awkward family dinners to feel better about the fact that college is over. After all, happy tastes kinda like sad.

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Commencement 2012: Find your friends

Wish you had that photo of you and your friends leaving the Van Wickle Gates and Brunonia? We’ve got you covered. Help us help you by tagging your friends in this album of photos from Commencement. Congrats, class of 2012!

SPONSORED: Parents, immortalize your senior in the Commencement Magazine!

If you're lucky, someone like Morgan Freeman might look at your photo

Hey seniors! What’s better than graduating? Graduating with your picture splashed all over the pages of a full-color glossy magazine. The Brown Daily Herald is getting ready to create its annual specialty publication, giving the families of soon-to-be alums the chance to publish their child’s most embarrassing picture for the entire graduating class to see. “They do it because they love you” is the excuse you’ll likely hear.

Hey parents! Full info and rates can be found here. To reserve a space in the magazine for your child, contact The BDH by phone at 401-351-3260 or by email at advertising@browndailyherald.com. Hurry, these spots get snapped up quickly! Alternatively, hand $50 in non-consecutive bills to a Blog editor and we’ll spray paint your kid’s name on University Hall.

Some Wisdom from Jack…and BINDER!

During last week’s commencement ceremony, Academy Award-winner Jack Nicholson accepted his honorary degree from President Simmons, along with other honorees including Nicholas Kristoff. Though he hadn’t planned on speaking, some student heckling brought him to the podium for a few witty words and a big thank you. Now he can finally check Doctor of Fine Arts off of his bucket list…

And as promised, Binder calling the class of 2011 a bunch of “crazy shits,” after the jump

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