Spring Weekend might not be the best show in town on April 17th


Big news in the incoming-concert knowledge world! As part of their “The People’s Champions Tour,” Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique are bringing their duo act to The Met in Pawtucket on the night of April 17th. Does that date sound familiar? Why yes, that is the Friday of Spring Weekend 2015. Now, we don’t know what BCA has in store for that night (yet), but this is the first time in recent memory that Spring Weekend has had to go up against major nearby musical acts. Just Coachella. Fuck Coachella.

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What to do this (SPRING) week : April 7-12

what to do this week

Monday, April 7:

Event: BuDS Commencement Information Session
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Location: Faunce Underground

If you’re hoping to stay and enjoy the activities of Commencement, BuDS is hiring students to help out for the whole week. Interested? For more information, check out one of BuDS’s mandatory information sessions in the upcoming weeks. Consult their Facebook page here for the time and locations of the other sessions.

Event: Creative Mind Lecture: Fahrenheit 212
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Location: Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center

This year’s last Creative Mind Lecture will feature Fahrenheit 212, an innovation consulting firm that “helps grow client business by identifying, developing, designing and implementing profitable new products and services.” Two members of F212’s multidisciplinary team, Nithya George and Sandra Steving Villegas, will share their experiences, more information about F212, and case studies of successful innovative projects.

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What to do this week: March 10 – 15

what to do this week

Monday, March 10:

Event: Alumni Career Panel with BJWA
Time: 5:30p.m.
Location: Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute

Join the Brown Journal of World Affairs in their 20th anniversary celebration! If you’re interested in IR, politics, journalism, law, or econ, check out this panel of accomplished alumni editors from a variety of backgrounds.

Event: Les Miserables in Concert
Time: 8p.m.
Location: Granoff Martinos Auditorium

In a very limited engagement, a group of students partaking in a GISP called “Les Miserables: In Text and Production” will be putting on three concert performances of the iconic musical. Tickets are available for purchase and payment ($5 for students, $7 General Admission) between 7 and 7:45 at the door before each performance. If you’re interested in seeing more from this talented group, check out their Kickstarter, too.

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Bruce Springsteen playing remotely near Providence


Fresh off an intercontinental megatour, The Boss is back in the USA, and he’s coming kind of/sort of/a little bit close to PVD! A newly released set of dates for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concludes with a two-night stint at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT on May 18. Mohegan Sun is about an hour away from Brown, and exams end on May 16. From our calculations, it seems like a trip for the night is totally doable.

Springsteen just came out with a new album of “covers, outtakes and radically reimagined versions of fan-favorite songs” entitled High Hopes. Some of its highlights include the newly salient “American Skin (41 Shots)” — originally written as a response to the death of Amadou Diallo and resurrected after the death of Trayvon Martin — and the title track, which came from the 1996 EP Blood Brothers.

This is the greatest live act in the world, and he’s coming somewhere within 100 miles of us. Tickets might be riotously expensive (though not as pricey as they would be in the Meadowlands), but it will be worth every penny. If you know a better way to spend a night of Senior Week, let me know.

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Reminder: Spring Weekend tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Just a reminder for everyone who’s interested in watching Troy rap: the first batch of 1,500 (per show) Spring Weekend tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (4/4) at 8 a.m. at the Brown Marketplace section of BSA’s website. If you miss the first round, you will have another chance to snag one of 1,500 additional tickets for each show at 8 a.m. on Thursday (4/5). Then, next Tuesday (4/10), BCA will be selling any remaning tickets, plus 2,500 outdoor only tickets for both concerts. Tickets are going for $17 each. Sound complex? Of course it does — it wouldn’t be Spring Weekend ticket purchasing otherwise.

Herald Preview: Andrew Rose Gregory of “Auto-Tune the News”

Hide your kids, hide your wife.

Andrew Rose Gregory is perhaps best known as being one-fourth of the polycephalic pop culture cyborg that is the Gregory Brothers — the family behind Auto-Tune the News, the Double Rainbow Song and the Bed Intruder Song. In short, after Dick Cheney and Keanu Reeves, he’s one of the last people you’d expect to have a (semi-) secret career as a navel-gazing singer-songwriter.

But he does. His newest effort, “Song of Songs,” is a contemporary take on the Old Testament’s song of songs of Solomon. The album, which features the voice of sister-in-law Sarah Gregory, The Color Red Band and input from Sufjan Stevens, is a many-layered, pastoral breath of blue-eyed soul without a hint of irony.

Gregory will play at the Graduate Lounge Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9:30 p.m. The Herald spoke with him about the television pilot he’s filming for Comedy Central, Katie Couric and harpsichords.

So what’s the story behind Auto-Tune the News?
All four of us we for a long time had wanted to be able to watch the news but we found that whenever we did it we’d fall asleep, it was so boring. So we realized if we were able to dance while we were watching the news, we wouldn’t fall asleep … If we added a baseline and a beat and a poppin’ Dr. Luke melody we wouldn’t fall asleep. I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone fall asleep while they were dancing. And it worked! Evan and Michael [Gregory] have degrees in music theory so they do a lot of stuff on the music end … we try to incorporate a lot of complex, interesting musical elements into the videos.  Continue Reading