Fall Concert Artist Profile: Starkey

Dubstep. Any relatively hip college student has heard about the genre, and anybody who listens to the Top 40 has most likely heard it in action. But do these casual witnesses to the second British invasion really know what dubstep is? One thing is for certain, it’s not a ‘hella cool dubstep drop, bro’ in a Britney Spears tune. Telegraph music writer Gervaise de Wilde put it best when he asserted “[dubstep] amalgamates disparate elements of UK’s urban sounds and cultures into an innovative whole.” While this soundbite was a perfectly accurate description of the genre in 2006, it has devolved evolved as it broke out of its rigid 140 bpm structure and started to incorporate elements of house, hip hop and even reggaeton. In fact, the word dubstep has been misused so heavily in the past few years that it is currently a perfectly acceptable word to describe any kind of music that utilizes gut-wrenching bass synthesizers and incorporates some sort of break beat.

So here’s the question: Is Philadelphia-based Starkey, who is set to perform on Lincoln Field this Saturday, a quintessential dubstep producer/DJ? Probably not. While he has roots in the purest, darkest UK dubstep (see his appearance on genre proponent Mary Ann Hobbs’s show above), he’s managed to create incredible work within the larger genre of ‘bass music’ in the past few years. Bass music, if you’re wondering, is an umbrella genre within electronic dance music that has been making waves in the scene thanks to Diplo’s Mad Decent, NYC label Trouble & Bass and a fantastic crew of producers on London-based Night Slugs, as well as hundreds of up and coming producers in the US and Europe. If you’re into dancing while low-frequency sounds at unruly decibel levels penetrate your stomach lining, you’ll like Starkey. If your idea of a good time is ‘getting chay with Kenny,’ you may consider going to Duke  not be part of Starkey’s target audience. Four essential tunes to get you acquainted with Starkey’s music and more jokes about country music after the jump.

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BCA reveals Fall Concert performers!

The Brown Concert Agency sent out a press release this afternoon announcing Starkey and (7th place finishers in the BlogDH pollReal Estate will be performing at this year’s Fall Concert.  The concert will take place on September 24th, ideally on Lincoln Field (with the RISD Auditorium serving as Meehan Auditorium). Tickets will be free.99 and available on the BCA’s website on Monday, Sept. 19th.  For the full press release and the answer to the inevitable question “who the fuck are these people?” click through!

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Coachella; or, Who Will Perform on Spring Weekend

Coachella: the only thing California has going for it these days / Coachella.com

A few weeks ago, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival announced its extensive lineup. The annual event generally drives east coast undergrads to curse their empty bank account, beg their parents for money and, after the begging fails, ever so briefly wish they had attended a Claremont College. This year’s lineup is of particular interest to Brown students, because Coachella happens to coincide with our beloved Spring Weekend (April 15-17). What does this mean for us? The festival, notable for filling its stages with great headliners in addition to “lower profile” artists, has swiped up a significant proportion of the hippest and most desirable acts in the business. While megastars like Kanye West and Kings of Leon are no surprise, Coachella has also jumped on recent fads such as “weird rap” (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and Lil’ B) and “live”-electronic-stage-extravaganzas (Bloody Beetroots, Magnetic Man and Crystal Castles). See some artists Coachella didn’t get its filthy paws on after the jump. Continue Reading

Guide to Family Weekend 2010: Prescribed events edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

Family Weekend 2010 is almost upon us. Fall is in the air, the sun will be shining (almost the whole weekend), and kids and parents alike may be wondering how to negotiate the social ritual that is Family Weekend. Well, don’t worry. BlogDaily Herald is here to help. Look for our posts over the next few days to get you ready for the weekend.

We’re only talking about a few of the University’s many events for this weekend, but you can see the University’s (partial) list of the events for yourself.

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