Happy Colum- err… Fall Weekend!

For our freshman readers (or anyone else who happened to be living under a rock for the past couple of years), we thought it might be helpful to have a brief run-down of of the controversy surrounding Columbus Day on the Brown campus, as told by The Herald’s archives.

Oct. 7, 2008: Protests on Lincoln Field, part of a larger movement within the Native American community to end celebration of Columbus Day

Oct. 28, 2008: The Brown University Community Council voted that a student proposal to stop observing the holiday should be addressed.

Feb. 10, 2009: The Faculty Executive Committee delayed a vote on renaming Columbus Day on the University calendar, stating while the majority supported the measure, they felt they lacked the political authority to make such a call.

Mar. 3, 2009: A motion to rename Columbus Day to Fall Weekend was agreed upon at a faculty meeting, but there were not enough voting members present to make it official.

Jessie Calihan / Brown Daily Herald

Mar. 30, 2009: According the a Herald Poll conducted in March, 67.2 percent of students said they would change the name of Columbus Day, with 27.2 percent saying they’d like to stick with Columbus. Luckily Tomato Day never made it off the ground.

Apr. 2, 2009: Follow-up article about The Herald’s poll results, featuring more student and faculty opinions.

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