Who Run the World? Squirrels: An Exposé

They’re climbing in Brown’s trash cans. They’re snatching your old food up.  But seriously, have you noticed how fat squirrels have gotten recently? No, it’s not the Freshman 15 (or the Freshman 7.8, per Brown Med. School Research). You don’t need to hide your kids, hide your wife or hide your husbands, but you should be warned that these squirrels are quite the feisty and ravenous little rodents.

Where them squirrels at on campus? They run this motha! They’re constantly scavenging in the trash cans at Grad Center, leaping out at people in front of Archibald, scurrying across the Main Green and getting their little paws on any trace of food they can get, banana peels (weirdly, quite frequently) included. Winter’s a comin’, and these bad boys are preparing for hibernation. Consequently, Brunonians avoid these creatures like the plague.  Continue Reading