Breaking: Bill Cosby’s honorary degree revoked


In the wake of both Marquette and Fordham University revoking Bill Cosby’s honorary degrees, many have been curious as to what Brown will do in regards to the honorary degree that Cosby received from our University in 1985. Just now, President Paxson sent out an email notifying the community that the degree has in fact been revoked, in light of the information that has surfaced on Cosby’s (under oath) admission to using quaaludes to drug women that he wanted to have sex with.

September 25th was the first meeting for the University’s Board of Fellows since the release of this information. Subsequently, they agreed to “revoke and rescind the honorary doctorate conferred upon Bill Cosby by Brown University.”

According to procedure, an honorary degree may be revoked/rescinded if:  “(1)…the conduct of the honorary degree recipient is grossly inconsistent with the values of Brown and (2)…the conduct run[s] counter to or undermine the accomplishments that were cited as the basis for awarding the honorary degree.”

Contrasting that with the original reasoning behind the honorary degree, it is clear that Cosby flagrantly violates both clauses:

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