Concentration-specific Halloween costumes

pug univron

Why can’t we all just major in Pug Studies?

When we were little, Halloween was a time to stuff ourselves with candy and feel absolutely no “ragrets“. We didn’t even have to try that hard with our costumes, since little kids are inherently adorable, except when they’re not and make fun of your unibrow (I was supposed to be Frida Kahlo, you uncultured miniature Spider-Man).

As we grew older, our trick-or-treat bags got smaller, and so did our outfits (in a cloth-to-body ratio). But, if all you really want to do is impress your friends with a punny, socially relevant costume, here are a few concentration-specific costumes to bring out the cool kid in you:


spooky physics post

Spooky action at a distance

Wear a shirt with a down arrow, force have a friend wear a shirt of the same color and an up arrow, and stay really, really far away from each other.

Schrödinger’s Cat

cat's post

Or, to spice things up…

Throw on some cat ears and wear a box. Bonus points if you’re wearing this shirt. Oh, and it’s also advisable to stay away from the flask of poison.

String theory

Stick some thread on you, and go around baffling everyone. If you want to be really adventurous, go around handing string cheese. Physics majors are welcome to shrink down to the Planck length for a more accurate representation.

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What your Halloween costume choice says about you

Despite Providence being the “Creative Capital” (in a unanimous poll of only Providence), Halloween costumes tend to fall into pretty predictable categories at Brown. Here’s a rundown of the various families of Halloween costumes that we year after year on campus, and what they say about you:

A pop culture reference from the 90s

What’s that? You’re Johnny Tsunami?! Awesome! Relevant! You’re just a 90s kid at heart, despite the fact that in 2000 you were only a six year-old. That Disney Channel Original movie/Nickelodeon cartoon has really stood the test of time. This kind of costume screams, “I’m going to have a lot of conversations tonight that go, ‘oh yeah I remember that movie…good one.’” 

Nope. We won't regret this as the night goes on at all.

Nope. We won’t regret this as the night goes on at all.

A current pop culture reference

How many people are going to be characters from Bob’s Burgers? What about that gold/blue dress? The sharks from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show? If you go with this route, people will generally think, “Oh! This is a person who has Wi-Fi. Nice!”

A Brown buzzword costume

It’s totally awesome that you are the patriarchy for halloween, but like, maybe it’s not as clear as you think it is. Does heteronormativity count as a costume if you’re just dressed like, you know, a vague stereotypical male? If you are a Brown buzzword, it probably means you go here.

A profession

So, like, you’re a doctor? Or lawyer? Clown? Is this halloween or dress up? Are you just trying to tell us you plan on going to grad school? Whatever. Dress for the job you want and dress for success. 

"MerMAN, pop! MerMAN!"

“MerMAN, pop! MerMAN!”

A political costume

The lines between Bernie Sanders, Larry David, and Wood Allen are pretty vague on Halloween, so I’d be careful. You’ll also probably get kicked out of a party if you dress as Trump. Tread lightly. Waiting for whoever is presidential candidate Kanye West and First Lady Kim K. This kind of costume inevitably advertises, “I’m a democrat. This is a scathing review of our bipartisan political system but also ayooooo Happy Halloween!”

A couples/group costume that makes no sense or is stupid

You and your friends all have this awesome idea when you are flavors of Ben and Jerry’s. Or colors of Crayola crayons. Or Greek gods until you realize that all of the Greek gods kind of look the same and you’re all just wearing sheets.You want to be all the girls from the “Bad Blood” music video? What will people guess you are when your group splits up?

That said, you and your significant other should totally be a plug and a socket. Get it? Just think about it.

Comedy gold.

Comedy gold.

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BlogDH Panel: #FlashbackFriday, Halloween 2k14 edition

Last year, Blog rejoiced when Halloween fell on #ThrowbackThursday. This year, we are not so fortunate: Halloween coincides with #FlashbackFriday, a watered down pseudo-version of #TBT, the classic and culturally accepted weekly Instagram holiday. We could not, however, resist getting involved in the most overkill social media-induced nostalgia trip of the year just because of the pesky Gregorian calendar…so, we have curated a BlogPanel of simpler days when Halloween wasn’t about muploading from the Whiskey Republic and out-punning your frenemies. Happy #FlashbackFriday!

Our editor-in-chief, Georgia Tollin (far left), mustache you a question.

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Reclaiming Your Old Halloween Costume


As October comes to a close, Brunonians are grappling with the same seemingly unanswerable question: what am I going to be for Halloween? The task of coming up with a costume that’s both original and sexi is stressful to say the least. I’ve scanned Ricky’s Halloween Superstore for inspiration and been intrigued by options like this:


And this:


And especially this:


This costume is only $100!!!

But every costume from Ricky’s is $50+, so clearly this is out of the question. (Also, the categories on their website are 20’s, 50’s, 80’s, princess, superhero, funny, and Arabian.)

There are always the costumes I can throw together at the last minute. To the black cats and the school girls, I say Been There, Done That and Never Going Back Again (okay I’ll probably go back). At this point, it’s even more hackneyed to be “a mouse, duh” (and if you had to click on that link, we can’t be friends). Continue Reading

PollerBears: What should we not be for Halloween?


When we get to college, Halloween becomes a whole different animal. One day of celebrations spans an entire week, alcohol replaces candy as the hot commodity, and debauchery is somewhat inevitable. These days, there is also an exceptional amount of pressure to turn out in the “best” costumes; whether “best” means most creative, most culturally-relevant, or most punny depends on a person’s preference.

But we admit—there are limits to how far you can take your Halloweek costume choices. Some boundaries simply shouldn’t be crossed, and in some cases it’s just always too soon. We’re wondering which costumes you think are the most off limits, most insulting, or least politically correct; in other words, what shouldn’t we dress up as for Halloween?

What should we not be for Halloween?

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The Evolution of Halloween

There aren’t a lot of things that last from birth and through college. We don’t still get tucked in at night by our parents, have home cooked meals, swim in the shallow end, or brush our teeth twice a day (I’m not alone on this right?), but we still get excited for Halloween. Sure, the goal of Halloween changes from childhood to college. No longer is it about who can get the most candy but rather it is about who can GET the most candy (see what i did there). Instead of eating Twix and Snickers till we get sick, we drink Caldwell’s and Natty till we get sick. We still wear costumes, yet instead of dressing like our favorite disney character, we now dress like our favorite sexy disney character (I am going as Olaf from Frozen this year FYI).

Slutty Olaf

So maybe not all that much has changed, and that is fine because, like my uncle from South Carolina, I am scared of change. But Halloween for sure has evolved, from our earliest days of getting dressed in adorable baby-propriate costumes, to that time we went as sexy Shia Leboeuf.

baby taco


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