BlogDailyHeard: Two student musical performances in one night

You have two free opportunities to see superb Brown student musicians performing Wednesday night, and it would behoove you to check one of them out. You can’t go wrong, either way. But what you don’t want is to try to attend both, and end up leaving in the middle of one of the concerts, and thus cause a distraction to one of the performers and become responsible for their train wreck. Here to help you make your decision, Blog lays down the basic facts.

1. BCA Presents: Speakeasy Vol. XIV [um, what is this, the Superbowl?]

The Speakeasy Series is a BCA event in which you actually do have some access to the musicians.

The Speakeasy Series is a BCA event in which you actually do have some access to the musicians.

When? 8 p.m.
Where? Faunce Underground
There will be three sets: Sage Snider, then Bryn Bliska and Jamie Fried, and then The Muffinheads. Check out each artist’s description on the Facebook event—they say it better than we could.

BCA has stated that they are infusing their speakeasy series with more funding in exchange for the lack of Fall Concert. Let’s see them put their money where their mouth is!

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The Granoff Center for Stagecraft and Artistry

© Iwan Baan (thanks Iwan Baan)

Good news, folks! We’ve Built Brown!

Okay, okay, so the new “Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts” may only be one building, but trust me, if you haven’t taken a look, you should. I dropped by on Wednesday night for the first time to give it a once-over, and to share my impressions of this new addition to the Brown landscape:

First off, I want to thank Ben – a chill security staffer with impossibly hip glasses – who was kind enough to take me on a tour of the building after hours. After I went down to the basement, took a hidden elevator, and wound up in a dead end trash room, I needed all the help I could get. So Trust Ben! Continue Reading