Alums who do cool things: Chloe Swirsky ‘11.5

There are really cool clothes in JWW! I don’t know about you, but every time I see hamster jackets and high end designer bags on sale, I get a little bit excited… After graduating from Brown this past January, Chloe Swirsky ‘11.5 founded Crystal Cat on Etsy, an online shopping platform for vintage and handmade items. These clothes are both fashion forward — or backward, depending on how you look at vintage apparel — and consumer friendly. Don’t worry, no musty grandpa cardigans here (if you want those, check out what Macklemore has to say). Chloe sells high quality winter coats, scarves, bags, and shoes, ranging between thirty and sixty dollars. You might be thinking, “But Caitlin, everything at Salvation Army is under ten, why don’t you just go there?” Well, these clothes don’t smell bad, and they’re way trendier than anything you could find at Salvation Army.

Let’s go over some more reasons why you should support Chloe Swirsky besides the fact that she will infinitely enhance your wardrobe:

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